Would you care for a side of dignified acquiescence with your innuendo?….


Though feeling a bit better, my curmudgeonry continues to rear its disturbing head; I only left the house yesterday once, to take a walk, & nearly lost it at a mundane, the only one who crossed my path. Fortunately for us both, I kept walking, allowing him to live, though it required immense effort to withhold my hand from burying my knife in his throat…. SIGH…. I suppose it’s for the best….

Needless to say, I’m not in the mood to write; anything I produce today would have to be heavily edited, to tone down the rage at the machine, which, while liberating, can also be infuriatingly maddening, indicative of the inner fire burning as if fueled by high octane gas. Since I have no desire to spend so much time in such an unproductive state of mind, nor to suffer the concomitant passionate anger, we’ll sublimate the urge to work it all out on the keyboard, by re-blogging another archived Pearl today.

This one is pretty decent, but, since it apparently got overlooked by all but my most faithful readers, I’m giving it another shot at fame today. I think, perhaps, I should be able to put out something fresh tomorrow; time will tell, but, it looks good for that. I’ll leave this missive on that positive note, & merely wish you a day you may enjoy; hopefully, reading today’s Pearl will aid in finding such peace…. If not, oh, well; I’ll try again tomorrow…. See ya, ffolkes; wish me well in my quest to refrain from killing random mundanes….


gigoid, the dubious curmudgeon….



“Hey, mister….”
“Got any change?
“Only this little jar of entropy….”

No, that’s not quite right….

“What’s new?”
“My socks….”

No, that’s not very good, either….

“Hey, buddy…”
“Got milk?”

Ah, that’s better…. now we can go on….

You may be asking yourself just what the hell this is all about, which would be a completely understandable, even logical reaction…. It won’t get you any closer to finding out, but, hey, it’s logical, and that’s something these days…. To explain…. The three little conversations above are another experiment, designed purely to see it it would be a feasible method for getting these silly introductions out of the way with a template, or possibly a new routine, like the “Who’s on first?” thing, that whatshisname and his partner used to do on stage…. !!! What was that name?…. His partner’s name was Lou…. Aha!!… Abbot…

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11 thoughts on “Would you care for a side of dignified acquiescence with your innuendo?….

    • I can attest to all you say re: the silliness. Sadly, it is as pathetic as it is silly. I’ll be by to catch on your stuff off & on, as I’m trying to use the same BLexit strategy…. Take care, & keep ’em locked & loaded….


          • What ails you Uncle?
            I know what you mean 🙂
            ….I had to sleep on a comment that was so profoundly lacking in insight that I nearly hacked his head off! I waited until the morning then demolished him …nicely of course….probably went over his head but I try to be civilised..:(
            Oh woe is me…..move on…let it pass…new day…planets have been tense of late…why am I here? what is my meaning? I’m off to search for the holy grail..Cya gigoid…chin up…;-)

          • Good to see your comment Lady P; I though you might be hiding from Twitter Trolls… Glad you’re just taking short breaks…

            What’s wrong? Well, without going into excessive detail, aside from the state of affairs in the real world, I’m experiencing a number of issues related to the high dose of cannabis oil I’m now consuming. It has put my entire system(s) into overdrive, as it flogs/aids my body to heal the things wrong with it. This, at times, brings on a bit of discomfort, as those parts needing it most are brought into focus….In short, healing is not always comfortable, & right now, it’s damned uncomfortable…

            It will pass, eventually, and literally; I merely have to live through the process…

            You’re nicer than me, I guess. I wouldn’t have waited, but, would probably have demolished the fool before waiting for composure; it often works better, for it’s scarier for them to cut loose, thus providing incentive for them to at least try to use more intelligent patterns of thought… if they can. Usually, they just go away to lick their wounds in private….

            Let me know if you catch sight of the grail; to my best knowledge, though, I don’t think you’ll find it by actively chasing demons in the political, or even the real world…. But, to each their own, right?…Just remember, re: the planets… they might affect out lives, but, only as much as our lives affect them… basic physical law in this universe…


            See you soon, again, I hope…

            gigoid, the dubious

          • Well, just because they don’t feel anything doesn’t mean they aren’t affected…. I bet, if I used a shotgun, they’d notice…. *grin*

        • I trust you are not gonna apply that to me chuq….:-)
          or else I shall plague you again….with further examples of condition of the human race……meanwhile’ beam me up Scotty’…

          • I doubt chuq was, in any way, thinking of applying his detector on you; I can attest it’s unnecessary. My own crap detector, which is extremely well-tuned and effective, has never once gone off at your words….

            Oh, Scotty says, sorry; the transporter is down….



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