Alarms, and sirens, and gunshots, oh my!….


Though I am experiencing symptoms which indicate healing is taking place, ’tis not always a comfort; healing can be more than just a bit uncomfortable. Since it is enough to distract me from concentrating on anything outside my physical state, writing fresh material becomes problematic. However, I have the advantage of a VERY large archive of material, some of which, though not shabby, received little attention, other than from a couple of readers who never miss a day. This one only got two likes, which tells me nothing, as there doesn’t seem to be a pattern I can identify to such numbers. But, it also means not very many ffolkes came by that day, so, I’ll use it today to keep from missing the day’s post entirely.

As noted, it’s not bad, so, enjoy… I hope to be back soon, but, only time will tell when that will actually happen. Until then, be strange, stay alert, and seize every day you can….




In spite of massive outpourings of attempted distraction, perpetrated by my own unconscious mind, I made it here, only to find myself confronted once again by the specter of a blank mind…. Vague, terrifying echoes of past Pearls, wherein I spent hours, nay, days, it seems, searching and searching, desperate and panicked, yet always managing to, somehow, find enough blather within to fulfill the minimum required standards…. It’s a gift, though not one most ffolkes will acknowledge… I, on the other hand, lost all pride years ago, and realize that there is nothing shameful at all in admitting one’s faults…. In fact, with the right spin, those faults can be turned into assets, of a sort….

Of course, one must never try to profit from using personal faults as tools; that borders not only on the immoral, but on creepy, and I’m not going there, no sir…. Naturally, you…

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5 thoughts on “Alarms, and sirens, and gunshots, oh my!….

    • No worries, mate. I’ll try to get by, if my gut ever quits the activity it is engaged in while healing itself… Uncomfortable, even if encouraging…

      Take care, & remember the clowns are always gonna do their thing… It’s one of those things Epictetus was talking about, when he told us to remember “Some things are within your control, and some are not.”

      Personally, I have to chant that under my breath, every time I walk out of the house these days, just to keep my hand off my knife…


      Take care, bro… I’ll try to get by, but, no promises today…


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