Darkness has an odd coefficient….


In 2006, or late 2005, I asked my doctor for a stronger pain control medication, so I could continue to work to retirement without the pain preventing such activity. He placed me on Norco, an opioid, & for the next nine plus years, I took it, to the point of addiction. I began trying other options, including medical marijuana, whereupon, the medical community, in its corruption, decided I no longer deserved to take the opioids, & ripped me off them, sending me to physical hell for about 16 months. I am now completely free of the addiction, no thanks to medical science, & rely completely on my own medical knowledge of my body, and on medical marijuana, which not only controls the pain better than the opioids ever did (without any dangerous side effects), but, is steadily assisting my body to heal many of the physical conditions that plagued this old carcase….

However, only writing, it seems, can keep me close to relative sanity; when I don’t, it is more of a relative insanity. Events in the BBR yesterday prevented working on a Pearl, so, I’m sublimating by re-blogging this post from that period of time when I was inhabiting Hell…. It’s a pretty good Pearl, which some of y’all probably remember; but, it also fits perfectly with my current mental status, with a decent rant, a decent poem, and a damn fine old-school pearl. Good music, too, if you enjoy brilliant musicianship….

So, enjoy, & I’ll try to get back, fresh, by tomorrow. Who knows? I might just do it on time, whatever that means these days….

See ya….

gigoid, the dubious




Enjoy the present hour,
Be thankful for the past,
And neither fear nor wish
Th’ approaches of the last.

~~ Abraham Cowley (1618-1667) ~~


Please! Everybody take your seats so we can get started!

Image from the UK Telegraph 8-4-2015

Those readers who have been here consistently will know right away something is up. Those who have not will merely feel a slight bit of uneasiness, without knowing why. Those who are here for their first taste of Consensual Reality, gigoid-style, are in for an epiphany, of sorts; the direction it takes is completely ruled by their own inner needs. The rest of us, well, we’re going out for breakfast….

Of course, breakfast will consist solely of a bit of smarmy dialogue, but, they don’t know that. I’ve decided, as is by now obvious, to sever all connections we had to normal reality, and spend the day out on…

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3 thoughts on “Darkness has an odd coefficient….

    • I have to say, since kicking all my doctors to the curb, taking over my own medical care & decisions, and stopping all the pills they wanted me to take (opting for natural treatments, including lifestyle changes to get rid of all the poisons they try to feed us…), I am feeling much better, if perhaps, less socially acceptable. But, i’m old enough to not give a shit what anyone thinks about any of it, so, all is good. Now, if I can figure out how to handle my own self, & its demonic self-delusional tendencies, all will be well….

      SIGH… Being 100% responsible isn’t always fun, I guess….

      Have a good one, amigo….



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