The lost art of finagle…..

Yep. Another reblog. I’ll be back eventually. Be well & stay alert….




You think you have problems! Murphy lives with me!…. Actually, it only seems that way. I found the foregoing in Smart Bee this morning, as I cast about for something to start with, and since it fits so well with many of my previous introductory sections, I threw it out there for consumption. In reality, Murphy is apparently off somewhere, undoubtedly plotting something nasty for me… It’s the only explanation for ignoring me, apparently, for several days. Whenever I’ve had periods like that in the past, he was working on some complicated, and difficult problem to drop in my lap, preferably at a moment when I am least prepared to deal with it, as is his habit and preference….

I often forget that everyone else in the world is as familiar with him as I am; it’s a purely human reaction to do so, though, so I don’t feel…

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