Luminescent triangles of pewter, on stolen coasters….

I’m still without a computer, & though I’m getting better with a phone, it remains more problematic than efficient. Here’s yet another offering from the archives to sublimate, while I continue to twiddle thumbs… Y’all be well; & happy as you may; I’ll be back as soon as my computer is repaired… Stay strange, folks; it’s your best defense these days. …

gigoid, the dubious



“The more articulate one is, the more dangerous words become.” — May Sarton

Man, I certainly hope so! If not, what the hell am I doing here? I’m sure as hell not spewing out my guts every day just so people will like me; it’s nice when they do, and helps me appreciate the good that remains in this sad old world, but I’m too old to spend any more effort worrying about how what I say when I write might upset somebody’s applecart. I write to get the stuff in my head out where I can look at it objectively, or at least editorially, and where I can make a rational decision as to whether or not it needs to be eased out, gently and persuasively, or spit out, decisively and vehemently.

I try not to spew too widely, to actually aim what I’m throwing, so that individuals…

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1 thought on “Luminescent triangles of pewter, on stolen coasters….

  1. When my computer broke I used the time to finish things that didn’t require a computer. Anyway these pearls provide some great food for though as per usual gigoid. Take it easy 😀

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