A different sort of hermaphrodite….


I don’t have a fresh Pearl; the heat got me yesterday. However, in searching for a re-blog, I found this ancient Pearl, created during my initial month of posts here on WP. It has some decent blather, showing hints of later Pearls, as I felt my way into the blog world… Nobody liked it, & I’m not sure anyone ever saw it, so, here it is, with another chance at going viral…. Not much chance of that, I guess, but, hey, it will do for now… In fact, it will do for the day, but for the OTHER Pearl I also intend to re-blog… Just chalk it up to OCD, & I’ll see y’all tomorrow, with fresh material…. Well, it’ll be as fresh as I can make it, anyway…. See ya, and, enjoy!….



This is definitely a different sort….it floats. Of course if it didn’t we’d just have to find one, or fix one, that would show the same characteristic. It’s a dirty, lonely job, but somebody has to hate it, so why not us? It’s not as if they aren’t paying us well, right?…..And if it was so bad we couldn’t take it, it would just fall to someone who didn’t know the right way to hold one. So let’s have no more nonsense; just get in there and grab it by the toe and start twisting…..right? Alright then…..
The foregoing was brought to you with support from a grant by a local drug dealer with delusions of adequacy. He’s trying to buy his way into respectable society; we don’t think he’ll ever be accepted, but that is no reason we can’t take his money, since we’re doing something about all…

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