Mayo, peanut butter, & pickles… Yum!….


As iterated in the previous post, I’m re-blogging today to sublimate my failure at creating anything new & fresh. The previous post was from the ancient days here at ECR, in 2011. This one shows the evolution that took place in the intervening time, nearly four years of daily posting. I hope you enjoy today’s double blast from the past…. As our favorite Terminator noted, “I’ll be back”. Take that how you please; I’ll be here anyway…. See ya, ffolkes….




“One’s mind is like a knife.

If you don’t sharpen it, it gets rusty.”

~~ Nien Cheng ~~

dumb lion

Doh! NOT Downwind, Leo! You’re supposed to stalk upwind!

Image of Dumbest Lion in Africa from UK Guardian Animal Pictures of the Week

Good morrow, Gentle Reader…. Not to worry; today’s intro is being returned to its most efficient format…. Watch and learn….

Shall we Pearl?

“Don’t teach your children what to think; just teach them to think.” — Tannenbaum


Image from via Google Images

    As I sat to think of a video for today, I had an inspiration, stimulated by a random thought. I had thought to use videos today for the ranting section, so, in this section, I thought to go with something a bit silly…. When I thought of what group, or character might fit the bill, only one name came to the surface… I…

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4 thoughts on “Mayo, peanut butter, & pickles… Yum!….

    • LOL… me, either. My dad, whose tastes evolved during the Great Depression, would eat anything that didn’t eat him. The mayo, pb, & pickle sandwich happens to be one of his favorites… all stuff he couldn’t get during the 30’s… Then came WWII, & he spent the next 20 years eating army food when not at home…

      Have a good one, brother…


    • LOL… Good line; I’ll have to remember that one… Thx for stopping in; I hope to get by soon to all those I’ve neglected of late… Be well, & happy as you may be, my friend…


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