No discounts for Pug Dogs…. Huskies, maybe….


Good morrow, or, so it would seem, were it not for the other issues encountered upon arising from the arms of Morpheus, the foremost of which, no coffee, nor any sugar for it, places this corner of the world in severe jeopardy. Add that to the number I apparently did on my skeleton during my overlong journey to the City for meds, & you might see why no fresh Pearl was produced for today. Hell, I never even got started. So, here, to sublimate my OCD need to post, is a Pearl from 2015, just prior to entering Hell, which came out pretty well, all things considered. I hope you enjoy it, while I intend to recover, as much as possible, & get some actual work done. Wish me luck on that, as I’m sure it will be needed. I intend to be back tomorrow; let’s see how that goes, eh? Y’all be well, & stay strange….

gigoid, the dubious



“Ward, I’m worried about the Beaver.”

~~ June Cleaver ~~

foxy stump

Foxy Stump

Good morning…. Wait! Scratch that…. Reverse it….

Morning. Good…. I guess. Perhaps, if it hadn’t begun at 0133, my greeting wouldn’t sound as grumpy; since it did, we’ll all have to deal with it. Not that such an event is out of the ordinary….. No, sir, around here, the hour we get up is what we call a Mystery of Life, not susceptible to prediction, or, for that matter, to any sort of consistency, beyond the simple fact we hope it will happen at all….

Now, for some, that might be considered just a little snarky; for us, it’s high hopes. I have decided to give up sleeping altogether, I think. It doesn’t seem to be working out well, so, I may as well be constructive, & try to get something done…

I know. I’ll make a…

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3 thoughts on “No discounts for Pug Dogs…. Huskies, maybe….

  1. Glad to see another member of “Who The Hell Needs Sleep” Club….LOL

    Hope everything levels out for you….I’m off to the DMV today…as if there is not already more than enough irritation here in the blogosphere…LOL See ya later….chuq

  2. I do wish you luck, Ned… Here’s hoping!
    As for sugar…. if I have too much sugar, Ned, and too much is a pea size over a pea size, I’m in for a tongue ulcer; not a tongue lashing, but, a tongue ulcer that sits there until my system can clear it…
    Imaging my horror when upon investigating the newest ‘health’ supplement to my diet, i.e., almond milk; I discovered it contained ‘organic’ rice syrup (huh) and ‘organic’ sugar (yeah right)…
    That’s all I have to beef about, Ned… But, I feel better having told someone; well… you..!
    I really hope you feel better soon… 🙂

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