Oblique references to a single rose….


“All art is autobiographical.
The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”

~~ Federico Fellini ~~

gulls counting

Waitin’ for the Robert E. Lee….

Hajime….  Today, we begin with this, just because:

“An infinite universe presents infinite examples of unreasoned acts,
often  capricious and threatening, godlike in their mystery.
Without god-powers, conscious reasoning cannot explore
and make this universe absolutely known;
there must remain mysteries beyond what is explained.
The only reason in this universe is that which you,
in your ungodlike hubris, project onto the  universe.
In this, you retain kinship with your most primitive ancestors.”

~~ Raja Flattery, “The Jesus Incident”, Frank Herbert ~~

It seems clear, if one may temporarily assume the truth of this statement, there are limits to human intelligence; those limits, alas, do not seem to apply to human imagination, thus opening the probability for imagination to exceed intelligence in the course of human behavior…. which it does, and, if the history of mankind is any indicator, has been doing so for several thousand years…. End of rant…

Sorry, had to get that out before it got any worse. I’ve ceased my habit of ranting over the state of the world; it’s pretty fruitless, given humanity’s predilection for denying the truth of reality, and, of our own nature. Occasionally, though, a pearl will draw my attention, & require a short outburst to relieve the pressure that might otherwise build into a larger, more explosive rant, thus sparing all of us the emotional stress. See, I can be nice!

Today, I’ll be even nicer, & spare y’all from any further blather, whether coherent, or nonsensical; the rest of today’s mess is ready, such as it may be; I’ve spent more time than was wise getting it to this point. Since I wouldn’t want to waste that effort, (without considering whether it’s worthwhile to make it at all…), why don’t we just get on with it?

Shall we Pearl?….

“If your lead pencil is less than three inches long,
and still equipped with  a virgin eraser,
you are about as close to perfection as this world will  allow you to be.”

~~ Esoteric Bee ~~


emmy n mark

Today’s musical selection was chosen for its quality of content, if no other reason; this isn’t to say there are not others. It only means I was listening to the concert last night, and noted just how well the band Knopfler put together for this tour played together. When one adds the exquisite voice Emmylou brings to the party, the possibility for ‘joyful noise’ become endless. I can sincerely attest, they made that grade several times in this concert… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…. By the way; the best stuff is in the latter half of the concert, though there’s nothing bad to find in the first part, either….


An Evening Together
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris





Here is a poem whose driving force came from the depths of Hell, a place I inhabited at the time it was composed…. Considering that, it’s not too shabby & I hope you enjoy it….

Measures of Intent

Hell is never far away; it slips in, then out,
like a ninja, bent on stealth and death.
Living metamorphoses, in the space of a breath,
sordid entropy fills us, within, and without.

Tide turns again; back and forth it tumbles,
like those little wind up toys, yet never stays.
All our efforts, all our silly little ways,
disappear like seaweed, as sanity crumbles.

The duality of reality in which we are firmly caught,
seems to inhabit every part of our natural selves.
Nothing is ever still, nor can it be placed on shelves;
we are dark, and light; balance must be taught.

Life is lived only one moment at a time,
past and future have no power to alter this at all.
We can choose to fly, or choose to fall;
finding truth, and beauty, can never be a crime.

~~ gigoid ~~




Today’s mess has been cobbled together this morning, in a fashion best described as willy-nilly, thanks to poor time management on my part. Go figure, eh? Added to that, Smart Bee decided to go on hiatus, flatly refusing to give up more than a single pearl, after which it simply presented me with the worst it has. To save time, and build-up of nasty angst, I went to search for an old-school pearl for this section in the archives. I found this, which is the third Pearl ever posted online, on another site… For what it is, or was, it’s pretty good, so, we’ll finish off today’s effort with this blast from the distant past…. Enjoy!…


From 6/4/2011:


Finding serenity is theoretically simple, as both the tools for reaching the state, and the actual creation of the state, are part of our inner nature, and come from within, making the search short in terms of distance. Duration is another matter; it can take a very long time, and in many cases, the search never ends. Even when it can be found, the nature of the outer world makes it nearly impossible to hold on to serenity for long periods; something about a quiet, contented human just sticks in the craw of the universe; it inevitably challenges our ability to maintain our inner peace, usually in a dramatic, often dangerous fashion. It therefore becomes important for each of us who desires serenity in life to identify and keep handy the tools we use to bring about this state of blissful content, and maintain their usefulness. In short, stay chill dudes, and party on!…….

2 is not equal to 3, not even for large values of 2. — Grabel’s Law (another one for the math geeks, like me….I think this is hilarious!) (and is good advice as well…..)

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.” — Dante Alighieri 321

Integrity is the superlative strategy. <—- honesty is the best policy

“The map is not the territory.” — Alfred Korzbyski

“I’m going to happydance among the stars and wear my stripes any way I want to. ” — Stripes the tiger

Always try to stop talking before people stop listening.

Bearing the last in mind, we bid thee adieu for another turning of the planet….. y’all take care out there….

Note from 2017: As our old friend Porky would say, that’s all ffolkes!….


In keeping with Porky’s admonition, this section shall remain free of disingeniousness, thereby bolstering our karmic account. Of course, the use of legerdemain could cancel that out, but, what the hell? We’re done for today, & there’s still no law against it. As to that, I say, enough! I’ll also add, yes, I am odd, but, then, I try to be, so, it’s all good. I’ll see y’all soon, ffolkes; on that you may rely….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch

Featured Image -- 13906

À bientôt, mon cherí….


3 thoughts on “Oblique references to a single rose….

    • Many years ago, I came up with my own aphorism, to wit: “Pain, though our least favorite, is our best teacher.” While I find it to be still absolutely true, I’m beginning to continually have the additional thought, “Haven’t I learned this lesson enough?” One would think the universe doesn’t give a shit about us, wouldn’t one?…. LOL. I hope it gives you a bit of space/peace soon, bro; it gets old, I know….

      I will be by today, at least once. Got an appt. with a new doctor, to see if they are amenable to me telling them how to do their job, but, will stop in to comment later….

      Feel better, my friend….


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