How DOES it feel Tehachipi?….


Y’all may have noticed I haven’t been around; in fact, I’ve been gone a lot, from cyberspace, and my house. I have the feeling I am losing readers left and right, so, here is a re-blog, from 2015, a fine example of a Pearl from back when I was still ranting. No fresh ranting here, but, some pretty decent older work, and one of my best poems… I hope you enjoy it, & I’ll be back tomorrow, most likely. Until then, be well, & happy as you may be….

gigoid, the dubious




Our subjectivity

Is a mirrored,

Spiked casket.

~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~

2-13-2015 011
Redwood in the City

Boy! Deng Ming sure can be harsh sometimes, eh? I usually enjoy his take on Taoist philosophy in the modern world, but, some of his quotes seem to have suffered in the translation, whether he performed it, or someone else. This one just seems to be a bit more of a “written in stone” sort of approach to a concept which seems to me to call for more flexibility, more fluidity, as does any idea used to express some part of the Tao in a way that helps others understand.

Oh, well. I suppose they can’t ALL be great aphorisms. Much like the picture today, one of my own, taken while waiting for a bus. I’m not sure whether the light patches are normal, due to light reflecting off morning mist, or, just another…

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3 thoughts on “How DOES it feel Tehachipi?….

    • Hi Carolyn… always nice to see your icon here. I’ve been around, just not spending very much time on the computer, except to search out new music I’ve been catching up on…. Future posts will detail some of my conclusions, but, I’m finding it much more engaging out in the Big Blue Room than sitting at the computer…. & it’s much better for my physical being…. Not doing as much surfing, either, but, I try to keep up with all my regulars, such as you…

      Any who, I’ve posted today, & now will do a bit of computer housekeeping, then go on my day’s first walk…. I’m glad you enjoyed your recent trip, & you are indeed looking well…

      Be well & happy, milady…. not too hard for you these days, I’d say….



      • So good to read, Ned; the big blue room has always been a good friend of mine, too. The computer is becoming a good friend too. It has its uses, which, of late, I’m utilising more and more with fun and creativity being its main role. I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy making videos (of me) and the like; but, I am. I’m also getting quite blasé about seeing myself on the Tube. Who’d have thought?
        Yes, the recent trip was incredibly telling, in so many ways. I was very surprised by the ‘fear’ I saw and felt in the ‘big city’ of the UK. This was so much in contrast to the atmosphere of 18months previous. It really makes me want the Light Workers of the world to appreciate who they are and the fact they don’t need to fear… (Somewhat controversial for you, I appreciate.)
        Thank You, Ned, I really am kinda chuffed with mirrors whenever I get a little glimpse of me. Occasionally, I am slightly in awe of the girl I see; she really is looking quite okay! Certainly will never complain about that…
        Continue to look after you; you deserve it!
        Love right back at ya!

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