Bolstered by the innuendo, he preened….


Again, I had intended to post a fresh Pearl today. Instead, I’m re-blogging this one, from 2013, to give me one more day to get one completed. My daily sojourns into music, and, the Real World, have been so fulfilling, in re: finding a direction to go in my mind’s continuing quest to regain access to my own bliss, I get distracted by ephemera, & forget to write…. Such is life in the blogging world, I suppose. In truth, Pearls are becoming less of a compelling drive; Reality is currently a more engaging attraction, & my sanity doesn’t seem to be put out of kilter by following the impulse to walk, and do things to engage my interest out in the BBR, rather than sitting here, engaging only in sedentary pastimes that degrade one’s physical well-being…

In any case, I’ve got one partially done, & should be ready to post by tomorrow…. if I don’t get arrested later today when I must go to the courthouse & deal with faceless, robotic myrmidons & bureaucrats…. It should be fine, as longs as they don’t insist on trying to turn me into a zombie, like all the rest of the people I see there, faces buried in their phones, which are smarter than they….

SIGH… looking at that statement, this might get a bit risky, so< I am going to post this, and go give meself a stern warning to stay controlled, & not leave any inconvenient corpses in my wake today…. Y’all stay cool, too, & I’ll see you tomorrow….

gigoid, the dubious




Since the fear of the blank page that formerly caused me so much frustration is no longer a problem, I seem to have evolved a different type of issue in the introduction, to wit: long-winded ranting, before I’m even awake, or have had sufficient coffee to allow me to organize my thoughts with some elegance, rather than just emotionally-driven indictments of the BRC, the Priestly Hierarchies, and their myrmidons, the military/police wannabees….

I call them wannabees because the ones to whom I refer have a tendency to be those men and/or women who enter those groups in order to feel powerful, to exercise authority over others, which is a sublimation of their own feelings of inadequacy; becoming policemen, they believe,  allows them to let out their inner bully with societal approval. As a general rule, the self-image these folks have is poor, and they need the job to feel…

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