Will cut hair for food…..


As expected, I’m exhausted from babysitting, & will be resting for a couple days. I’ll work on a fresh Pearl in my moments of capability, & try to have one for tomorrow, if possible. In the meantime, here is one from April of 2013, that isn’t too shabby, & will soothe my OCD about posting. Please enjoy it, and your day. Me, I’m goin’ back to bed for awhile….. See ya….



Oh. My. Gosh……  Hmm…. somehow, that fails to quite reach the degree of passionate expression for which I was hoping. I guess it really isn’t a curse unless one uses blasphemy; using a replacement word for God just doesn’t carry the same power, or panache, as OMG does when God is used…. I guess that is why ‘God damn it’ is so much more of a release than just ‘Damn it’…. either of which is bound to come out, given the correct stimulus, such as a rapidly moving hammer to the thumbnail. Any old way you look at it, I needed to curse, as the sight of an entirely blank screen scared the crap out of me….. again.

Oh, I’ve got plenty in my head to write about; the issue is still the intro section, where I continually struggle with a good way to start these missives. I need…

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3 thoughts on “Will cut hair for food…..

    • Aye, that’s for sure…. LOL. It’s 9 AM here, & I’m headed back to bed for a bit again… Figure I’ll get about 4 naps in today…. Ah, memories of youth are bittersweet…. I’ll get by sometime today, during one of my awake periods….

      Be well, bro….


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