Peaches and cream for lunch…..


Just a quick note before I go get Zoe for the day…. Here’s one from the second year here on WP. I hope you enjoy it, as a sublimation for a fresh Pearl…. I’ll be back, soon enough. Y’all be well, & happy as you may….

gigoid, the dubious


Twilight razors, filled with ample screams of delighted salmon fillets, turned backward flips in the parlor, while the Doge Imperius strolled through the garden. Abby didn’t want hers, so I put her squiggly first course of lamprey eel down the bodice of the queen. But, that was only the first time. Afterwards, we all went into the big blue room to play charades. It was a good party…..

Sorry ’bout that. Before I sat down to begin, I was reading the Bathroom Reader, about the Bullwer-Lytton Writing Contest. That’s the one held each year to pick the best (worst) opening paragraph of the world’s worst novel, as patterned after the opening of the book “Paul Clifford” by Edward Bullwer-Lytton, which began, “It was a dark and stormy night…..”.  What I wrote above is certainly bad enough, but I think it’s actually TOO bad, even for that contest. Too much…

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