Fat chances at skinny odds….


It seems exhaustion runs more deeply in the elderly than those in the bloom of youth; I collapsed again yesterday, & was able only to visit a couple blogs I’ve neglected, but, wasn’t able to complete a fresh Pearl for today. To give myself another day, here is a pretty decent old Pearl that didn’t get much traffic, but, had a lot to say, all worth saying. I hope you enjoy this meandering journey through the depths of my mind; if naught else, it offers some rather elegant reasoning to dispute, if such is your wont. Or, You can just enjoy the time off…. In any case, I’ll get the Pearl I’ve begun into proper shape to post by tomorrow, with a bit of perseverance & a lot of luck. Until then, be well, & happy as you may; it could be your last chance…. No prediction, just something to consider…. See ya….

gigoid, the dubious




Since the White Rabbit’s progenitor seems to have dictated how this morning’s events should transpire, I’m going to do what I do best when a crisis hits…. take a break…. In case it isn’t clear, that’s a joke, ffolkes…. My first reaction at the initial signs of trouble is NOT to cut and run, unfortunately. My life would have been a LOT different if that were the case, and that is for sure and for certain….. The more than 750 times I got into a major altercation with some insane, violent mental patient might never have had the effect on me that it did, had I not been the kind of person who did NOT run away when confronted with danger…..

Today, however, I’m going with the flow, such as it is, and taking a break, first off…. not to relieve tension, or difficulty, but to gather resources, to…

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7 thoughts on “Fat chances at skinny odds….

    • Thanks, bro; I don’t seem to have much choice in the matter. I keep falling into the nap-state; took 3 of them yesterday, one for 3 hours in the middle of the day…. It’s amazing how much energy a two-year old can expend, & having to keep up sure runs us old folks down… but, every minute is worth the price… Hope you can get some rest, too, my friend; I remember those days all too well…. I’ll be by in a bit, to try to catch up a bit on your site…

      Feel better, my friend….


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