Aiming at center mass…..


I could be dishonest, or, as some would say, I could prevaricate to explain today’s re-blog rather than posting a fresh Pearl. But, that is indulgent, and goes against the grain of my soul, as fashioned by the late Sarge. So, I’ll admit to being too damn over hung to even start a Pearl today… at least, not until later, after the worst portion of Jack’s revenge has passed… So be it. I did find a rather fine example of a semi-rantish Pearl, which I hope you enjoy as sublimation of my virtual presence…. Or, as a great many of today’s youth might say, ‘whatever’….

I’ll see y’all tomorrow, if I can get caught up to myself; if not, well, I suppose Time, that blabbermouth, will tell….

Be well, be happy as you may, & stay alert… you know, all the usual stuff….

gigoid, the dubious




“To love someone deeply gives you strength.

Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.”

~~ Lao Tzu ~~


    If one accepts the premise set fort above by Lao Tzu, then I am immensely strong, but, have yet to be able to define courage in myself…. a thought that occurred to me as I read it this morning…. Oh, that isn’t to say I am not loved; I do have children, both of whom still talk to me, so, I’m good to go there…. Also, I have friends, who have been so named for over 50 years; I know well the love that abides between us…. But, of the love he speaks about here, I am apparently unfamiliar…. and, to be honest, that hurts…. a lot.

Enough that it sent me into a deep hole of depression, for a time, until I managed to put a bit of…

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3 thoughts on “Aiming at center mass…..

    • Aye, that would probably help, BUT…. I can’t seem to make the space to compose, at all, so, there isn’t also time to compose ahead… Working in short spurts has some handicaps, but, since it’s all I can do, it’s all I can do…. I believe I’ve mentioned this sentiment previously…. *grin* That’s my story, & I’m sticking to it like a barnacle….

      I will try to get by today; faded big time yesterday, & today’s looking similar…. Ah well, at least I didn’t see the eclipse… No big, I’m old enough, I’ve seen several…. nice, but, slow & a little boring, like any astronomical viewing….

      See ya, bro; I’m headed for an early nap….


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