Oddly enough, snakes HATE apples…


Frankly, I got lost, for most of yesterday, then, overnight, in dreams… Since that included nearly 10 hours of sleep in one night, I’m pretty happy about it, even if it means I must re-blog today, again…. I not only forgot, while under the music’s spell, to put together a Pearl, but, also forgot to get to any of my intended reading of other blogs…. So be it…. Here’s another Pearl from the day’s I ranted, with the obligatory shots taken at the Asininnies, those who prey upon their own species. I’ll be back tomorrow morning, if I manage to catch up to anywhere near reality. One is allowed to hope, yes? Well, one hopes so, if in vain. Regardless, I’ll now go to begin that process, & leave y’all to enjoy today’s offering. Should the true case be otherwise, well, such is Life for those of us who reside here; deal with it, we must, as the little green Jedi Master would say….

Be well, be happy as you may, & enjoy making the poem that is your life…

gigoid, the dubious




Truth be told, getting up when I do to write these Pearls is becoming more of a chore than it ever has in the past….. While fighting the pre-coffee, pre-magic cream kick-in, and the lethargy that now dogs me each morning, I experienced a small epiphany…. and then lost it….. It’s really too bad, too, because I’m fairly sure it was important, and would have made my life, if not easier, at least more comfortable…. SIGH…. I know it’s going to be a tough day when my own mind fails to get on board with the program, in spite of the offerings made by reality to expiate the difficulty….

I suppose I’ll have to push on, though, as my sense of Duty is so entwined with this purpose, this process will plague me until my last breath…. and possibly beyond…. Isn’t THAT a scary thought? Oh well, it’s not…

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3 thoughts on “Oddly enough, snakes HATE apples…

    • *GRIN* “It most coitainly was!”…. I had to banish the cat for the last three hours, as I turned back over three times to fall back under…. I’m not sure if I can fully comprehend why I was able to do so, but, gift horse, right? I’m taking it, even if I don’t really know what to do with the energy as yet… Since it’s been at least 10 or 15 years since it happened, I’ll take it…. Maybe I’ll even be able to get something done today…. But, even if I don’t, I don’t think I’ll care; it feels too good to fret about anything….

      I WILL get by today, bro; haven’t had a single political thought in days, so, I should be able to handle a bit of it….

      I hope you can find some peace soon, too…


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