If we must, we can use the anchovy paste….


A few Gentle Readers may have noted my absence the past two days… To be honest, I’ve been hovering, for at least two days, (beginning, oddly enough, a couple hours after my last post of a fresh Pearl), over the edge of what feels like a very deep hole of black depression. To keep from falling in, I’ve immersed myself in music…. Classical, hard rock, virtuoso guitarists, and women hitting that high E above C (which always gives me goose bumps….), have lifted me away from the edge, enough so I AM working on another fresh Pearl. But, the ultimate outcome remains unclear, so, I’m re-blogging again today, to soften the edges of my angst, and to, hopefully, provide y’all with some stuff to consider. This one is from 2013, while I still lived in relative poverty, awaiting word on whether Social Security would condescend giving up my benefits slightly before actual retirement age as set by the ridiculous laws we live by. I had a LOT of time to think then, & this Pearl reflects that pretty well, with a discussion covering human nature, and our ever-present conflict with Reality… Some great poetry, too, with some fine pearls in support of the ranting…. All in all, a fine example of an iconic Pearl of Virtual Wisdom… I hope you enjoy it…. I’ll work on a fresh Pearl for tomorrow, & hopefully, can stay sane enough to get it done…. Wish me luck, if you dare… Otherwise, have fun with this one, & have a decent day out there, remembering to keep cool, and be strange…. I will, for sure….

gigoid, the dubious



Now, this is scary…. I never knew that a mere blank, white screen could hold so much fear….. Not only is the screen blank, so is my head, and time is passing. It’s already after 0800, due to being up until 0100 for some unknown reason, and not arising until after 0700….. No big deal, but throws me off a bit to have my schedule change again, willy nilly, just because my head wouldn’t shut up last night…..

Then, of course, there is the problem of this morning’s Pearl…. Once more, I’m completely at a loss as to how I should get going…. no fictional scenarios are floating around in there, and my sense of humor doesn’t seem to be awake quite yet, despite the rest of me being up and about, just as if I were normal….. which, as we all know, just isn’t the case….. I left…

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