Maybe we should use another connotation of “stiff”…..


I got up early, but, ran into Murphy, headlong. Since this means the rest of my day is shot to hell, I’m re-blogging, rather than trying to compose anything while in a quiet rage…. (Don’t ask; I might end up telling….) To keep from going completely off the rails, here is a re-blog, with some good ranting, & better comments… Go figure, eh? I’ll be back tomorrow morning, as long as Murphy keeps his word…. See ya then, mon frer….

gigoid, the dubious



“The supreme irony of life is hardly anyone ever gets out of it alive.” — Robert Heinlein
portly puffin

Ffolkes, I don’t know about y’all, but, it’s my considered opinion that’s one damn silly looking puffin. Between the fat little body (which only appears that way; he’s actually about right for a seabird living in the cold Atlantic ocean…), the mouthful of dead fishies, (which goes to show it’s a pretty efficient fisher….), and that silly expression (do birds really HAVE expressions? If so, how do they do that without eyebrows?) Most importantly, why am I even THINKING about any of this, when I’ve got a Pearl to write?….

Oh well, such is life here at ECR…. I should probably tell you the picture came from the London Daily Telegraph, out of a weekly feature of theirs, called the Animal Pictures of the Week…. There are always some good shots in…

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