Small piles of duvets sat in a corner…..


Thanks to banking protocols, otherwise known as oligarchal assholiness, I’ve been sans cash for five days. This means I’ve also been without coffee, or addictive substances (nicotine, to be precise) for two days; I am currently a very dangerous man…. But, hope survives, & all should be well by tomorrow morning…. I have a fresh Pearl ready, but for the necessary composition of the intro & closing sections… but, have so much to catch up to today, there’s no time to finish it. I’ll do so tonight, & have it ready for the morning…. Here is a Pearl from 2014 with some rather fine ranting, which should hold all of us until then. I hope you enjoy it… See ya tomorrow, if all goes as planned….

Blessed Be, y’all…

gigoid, the dubious



Coffee is on the way, so I won’t have to shoot anybody before it is ready. Or even because it isn’t ready…. I hate cleaning up dead bodies before breakfast…. So tacky….. Not that I’ve ever had to kill anyone yet, not over coffee. (No, not over anything…. I’m a virgin in that respect, thankfully….) It’s always a fun thing to think about though, especially when one is still waiting for that first glorious sip to bring the universe into focus. I don’t CARE if it is addictive, or bad for me, or whatever; NOTHING is like that first sip of coffee in the AM, nothing….. It would take someone with some serious martial arts skills, or a large weapon drawn first, to keep me from that first cuppa in the morning….. and, they would lose, due to my superior motivation….

Ahhh….. Now that the first sip is down…

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2 thoughts on “Small piles of duvets sat in a corner…..

  1. CRAP! No coffee or nicotine…..I have to hide in the closet or I will go on a killing spree……LOL A little soothing music and solitude will save humanity…..later my friend….chuq

    • LOL! Yep, that’s exactly how I felt much of the past 3 days… All better now, thanks to my bloody retirement check hitting the bank… But, it left me with a lot to do today, so, I’ll be back tomorrow, relatively sane & non-homicidal… I DID stay in, so, the population explosion continues unabated by me….

      Have a good one, my friend; stay dry, if possible….


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