Dragooned on a desert isle….


The heat yesterday here in northern California was, in a word, debilitating. Leelu and I spent most of the day either IN a body of water (my tub) or near it, with fan going full speed, panting.& not moving…. Since it was still about 85 degrees at nearly midnight, comfortable sleep was not in the realm of possibility; hell, sleep itself was elusive. The upshot is, no fresh Pearl; I only got it about a third of the way done. Here, to sublimate, is a rather good old pearl, from more than five years ago, chock full of some decent ranting, an excellent poem (from someone else…), and a big batch of fine pearls, with discussion. Not too shabby, all in all, & it will do nicely to get us through the day, while I cobble the rest of a fresh one together…. Y’all stay cool; we intend to do so…. See ya tomorrow….

gigoid, the dubious


I’ll tell you this right now…. what a long, strange trip it’s been! Though a bit worse for wear, I’ve got quite a few years left yet to flog this old body down the road. I’ve had a good life so far, and hope to have even better yet. Now if only Murphy and the Universe will cooperate…..

Okay, who took my inspiration? I had it here beside me just a few moments ago. I’ve been saving it up for this morning’s Pearl, because it was a good one. But, I just went to pick it up to put it on, and it’s gone! Gone, with no trace of who took it, or where it might have gone. (where DO things that disappear go? Like a lap, where does it go when you stand up?) Oh well, I’d best get started, it’s getting early….and I HATE being early…..

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