Safely ensconced in warm socks….


I wasn’t going to post today, as nothing got done at the computer. But, I saw this one in the suggested posts yesterday, which, upon checking, I found to be a most excellent Pearl of an older format, from nearly five years ago, early in my second year here on WP. Excellent pearls, & rather good accompanying discussion made it an enjoyable Pearl, as the number of visitors would indicate. I hope anyone who stops by enjoys what they’ll find today. I’ll be back, in a day or three… Sure is nice outside; y’all should check it out….

See you soon…

gigoid, the dubious


Okay, so now I’m officially old. I can start using all those little tricks I’ve been practicing to take advantage of youngsters. Oh, wait, I don’t do that…. well, okay, so now I get to be grouchy, right? No? Why not? I’ve been looking forward a long time to getting old enough to be cranky, whattya mean people don’t do that anymore? 60 is the new 40? What the hell are you talking about? I’m no 40, and if I felt only 40 I’d be doing handsprings, believe me…. Damn it, I’ve waited a long time to be old, why don’t I get some of the perks?…. I don’t get it…..

There are supposed to be perks to this getting old business, you know. Senior discounts, early boarding, special menus, we old ffolkes have done our duty on the front lines of life, and deserve a break or two…

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