Tattered remnants of a once proud machine….


Once again, I didn’t plan to post, but, found myself with a few minutes to play before heading out into the BBR for a morning walk. Here is a Pearl from 2013, written & posted shortly before my first ever trip to Europe…. It’s pretty decent, all in all, & will do nicely for a nostalgia break. I’ll be back in a day or two with a fresh Pearl, hopefully with a new poem to go with whatever else my fractured mind can come up with…. I can’t care too much, for I’m having too much fun in the real world to worry about it. I hope y’all are good, and continue to be so….

Blessed be, my friends….

gigoid, the dubious


Mmmmm…. coffee, good….mmph, grglk, blast, hmph, okay…. Sorry, took a moment for the coffee to kick in…. Let me just say this, and we’re good to go…. Draco! Braz! Mento!  Ah, yes, all fine now…. Having uttered the proper incantation, to prepare the air for such brilliance, and to put up the wards against theft and interruption, we may now proceed to Pearl, if we are able…. We are always willing, but, often, the flesh is weak, so it’s best to “prepare the palette”, as a painter would say…. Not that I paint, no, far from it…. My drawing of a crowd looks like a convention of stick figures, kind of like watching someone count on an abacus; if you look at it for long, it will make you dizzy….

Drawing is one of those skills lacking from my toolbox; for some reason, probably having to do with spatial…

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