Three platters of the Gorgonzola Nuggets, please, with extra irony….


A fresh Pearl isn’t in the works for today, as I spent much of yesterday, after posting, either walking, or sleeping…. both of which felt good. To sublimate the remaining dregs of the urge to post, here is a rather good Pearl, complete with a rant about lawyers from 2012, a great poem from Sylvia Plath, and a damn fine old-school pearl. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying my hiatus…. I’ll be back with a fresh Pearl in a day or two; in the meantime, y’all know what you have to do…. so, I’ll refrain from issuing any reminders. Be well, be happy as you may, & stay alert…. all the usual caveats still apply.

See ya…

gigoid, the dubious



“I take a simple view of life: keep your eyes open and get on with it.”

~~ Laurence Olivier ~~

pluto from charon

Pluto as seen from Charon

Artist Ron Miller’s Images of Pluto and its Moons

Good morning…. While perusing more old Pearls, I found the following in an opening section…. It’s pretty cool, so, let’s start the day the same way we did in February of 2012….

Patterns of light, both bright and fearful chase each other madly ’round and ’round, mad peals of laughter shrieking through the cool night air. Ghostly figures of unheralded regrets vie for position closer to the oddly shaped harpsichord in the foyer, while the thief of lost hope and hsi cohorts silently steal away. As the outer walls grow nearer, madness fades, and the silent myrmidons forge ahead, further into the day, further from the night’s insanity, until reality assumes a more familiar…

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3 thoughts on “Three platters of the Gorgonzola Nuggets, please, with extra irony….

    • No worries, mate; I’ve missed a lot of IST posts lately, too. Sorry your leg is giving you fits; wouldn’t it be nice if Life got the memo about you already learning that lesson? Hang in there, bro…. I’ll try to get by later, if only for the closing thought….

      Hang tough, my friend…..


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