No job for a gentleman….


Well, here I am again, sans a fresh Pearl for today, thanks to playing outside too long. I did find this one, from late in 2014, almost three years ago, as I was, unwittingly, on the stair steps to Hell, suffering the first and foremost symptom, to wit, sleeplessness on a regular basis. Creating these Pearls, for the most part, kept me distracted much of the day & night, allowing me to not notice how miserable I felt physically. Apparently, such distraction works just fine for the creative process, as it’s all pretty decent blather. I hope you enjoy it as sublimation for today’s non-starter. I’ll be back in a day, or two; there’s a festival at the waterfront today, & I may not have much for tomorrow…. but, we’ll see how it goes. Meantime, y’all stay strange, & alert…. which, when you think about it, merely means, be mindful….

See ya

gigoid, the dubious




“I count religion but a childish toy … there is no sin but ignorance.”

~~ Machiavel, from The Jew of Malta ~~

~~ Christopher Marlowe ~~


    Mei stumbled under the load she carried, as she climbed the path to her parent’s cottage, set upon a small hill just outside the town where they lived…. The town sat on the road leading to the great city of Peking, where the Emperor held court with the great nobles and beautiful ladies Mei saw each day, passing by on the Great Road leading into the city from the south. Mei liked to watch them pass by, seated in their swaying palanquins, distant and aloof, as they stared indolently out at the gaping crowds along the roads, wishing she could see the court, where the bright clothes and sparking jewels of the courtesans were said to outshine the sun…. She just knew…

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