Destiny won’t manifest on demand…..


As might be surmised by seeing another re-blogged Pearl today, I didn’t get a fresh version finished, though I did manage a fairly decent start. As expected, attending the waterfront festival yesterday, on a glorious autumn day by the bay, made a serious dent in the time I would have spent on it…. It was grand craic, as my Irish friends would say, & kept me busy enough to forget all about writing. It also tired me out, as happens these days, so, even this sublimated event is occurring later than my usual post. So be it. I WILL be back tomorrow with a completely new Pearl, so, go ahead & mark your calendars. I will try to catch up a bit today, since it’s Sunday, & see if I can’t get back on some sort of regular posting schedule. Who knows? I’ve seen less ambitious ideas work out well; why not this one? In the meantime, y’all be well, & happy as you may, and, don’t worry overmuch about all the bad shit happening in the world; it can only hurt you if you let it…. Trust me, all that stuff isn’t as critically important as it may seem, and even less important than those who try to make you think it is….

Weird, brave, and ironic…. keep those close at hand, and, all will be well….

See ya, quite soon, on a cosmic scale….

gigoid, the dubious




As further proof of the universal nature of bozoid tendencies, I offer up my own sweet self, for spouting off in a most bozo-like fashion a couple of weeks or so ago, talking completely through my ass, to make statements that, while not exactly stupid, were based on a false assumption, thereby guaranteeing they were wrong from the start…. As a result, naturally, my nose began to grow round and bulbous, and take on a deeper red shade…. Most embarrassing, or, would be, if it didn’t happen all the damn time…. I must be getting accustomed to all the funny looks and pitying expressions….

SIGH… It was really dumb, too, but, to save face, I am choosing to believe to be the result of an eye hitch…. I said that in a few days I’d be posting my 1000th blog here on Exploring Consensual Reality, having reached 997 on…

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