The thirteenth of always….


Events encountered yesterday on walkabout (put in at least 3 miles…), which engendered further events to be accomplished today out in the BBR, prevented getting any work done on a fresh Pearl for today…. To sublimate the urge, here’s another re-blog from the nearly endless archives here on ECR.

This one was put together when I was taking the first steps out of Hell, where the kindly so-called ‘doctors’ at the Kaiser Pavilion sent me in their ignorance. This particular Pearl is one I remember, as it provided me with a healthy degree of distraction, as well as cathartic expression, using pieces of former Pearls to augment the material presented that day. I like it, so, it’s what you get today. I’ll see if a fresh Pearl can be cobbled together for tomorrow, but, don’t hold any breath, as it may, or may not, happen as planned…. You know what ‘they’ say about plans, even the best sort….

In any case, I’m off to the tune of the task-master, & shall return in good time…. which I hope y’all may experience while I’m gone…. a good time, that is. Until then, be well, be happy as you may, and for goodness’ sake, stay strange….

gigoid, the dubious




“If we find what is unique to each day,
we will have freshness
and the greatest fulfillment possible.”

~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~

lap lookWhere’s my lap?….

Hajime…. There are days here at ECR when we have to trust the process; today is such a day. The Pearl is done, such as it is. It’s been a tough night, and morning, due to the night; ’nuff said on that, so, we’ll leave it in the past. Moving on, we have an archived politirant from 2013, unproofed, so it may be a bit pedantic, as I’ve learned a bit about writing since then. There’s a decent poem, and a decent old-school pearl. The music is a nod to the weather being suffered this winter by our friends in the Eastern US & Canada…. Thus, as you see, done, but for the blurb here, and at the end….

So be it. We’re gonna…

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