Close to the padded cloud….


Today, for the first time, ever, I get to visit with both my grandkids, together. It will be my first time at this; before today, I’ve only seen them one at a time, so, I’ll get to see how they’re doing at having a brother and a sister, still a new thing to them, as well…. This means, of course, no fresh Pearl for today, but, here is one from about a year & a half ago, on a not-so-memorable day, which, fortunately, produced a memorable Pearl…. I’ll do my best to come back tomorrow with a fresh one, but, only time will tell as to whether that’ll happen. In the meantime, please enjoy today’s offering, & for goodness sake, stay strange…..

gigoid, the dubious




“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”

~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~

dancing ferries

Dance of the Ferries, Victoria, BC

Hajime…. In an ugly chair, the old man sits, staring morosely at the computer screen before him, eyes fixed on the vast white space upon the screen, empty of all thought or fantasy. To look at him, you might think, “boy, that’s a tough-looking old guy….”, not able to see beneath the rough exterior, to the confusion and deep sense of pain within. As he blinks at the screen, thoughts swirl in his head, none of which translate into any coherent statement worth typing. He shakes his head, slowly, as the tears begin to fall….

I wish thee a good morrow, though I cannot claim to think it so. Today’s Pearl will be, for me, a saving grace, so, the way it looks from the…

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