Definite traces of apoplexy….


The visit yesterday went well, but, keeping up with a seven- and two-year-old about wore me plumb out; I guess the kickball game with the neighborhood pack of kids contributed to that. But, it was a great interlude, and I got some good family time in, so, all is good to go.

Such frivolity, though, doesn’t lend itself well to writing this blog, so, once again, a fresh Pearl didn’t get any closer to done. I’ll work on that today during my recovery process, & promise to have on for tomorrow morning. Just now, I’m off to take care of business in the BBR, then home to rest and write…. I hope y’all enjoy today’s foray into past Pearls, & I’ll see y’all in the morning, or, as we like to say in California, en la mañana…. Stay odd, it’s better than even… well, it’s different, anyway. See ya….

gigoid, the dubious




“All men are created unequal.”

~~ Lazarus Long ~~

Ensenada plus 035

Looking south from La Bufadora, Ensenada, Baja Mexico

Hajime…. Today’s effort, which has already suffered a start-over, is rather eclectic, general, and long enough to choke a horse. But, it’s okay, because it’s all proven material, having come from yet another deep dive into the archives. As noted previously, I’m leaving on a trip tonight, and won’t be posting tomorrow morning, unless I have time to find one to re-blog (yeah, that’s the ticket….). So, I’ve tried to put together a worthy one to hold y’all until I can return to the keyboard with something fresh…..

In order to keep from making it TOO long, I’ll make this intro short, as has been our habit of late. It’s a good habit, I think, especially considering some of the intro sections we’ve created in the past, many of which approached a…

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