Some lessons are more painful than others….


I’d hoped to have a fresh Pearl done for this morning, but, oops…. A partially leaked new poem, and some recalcitrance from SB kept that from happening, so, here is an old one, from way back in 2012, on a stressful day when I used the computer and writing to keep from killing anything, or anyone. It apparently worked, so, I’m offering it up as sacrificial sublimation today, when my stress comes from other places, with not much less force, I must say. Nonetheless, I shall use some force of will myself, & have a fresh Pearl done for tomorrow morning. I hope, by then, I still have some readers left…. Only two of the regulars who are still dropping in saw this one back in ’12, so, if anyone stops by, at least they’ll find something they haven’t seen. I’ll be back, that’s neither threat , nor promise, but, fact…. Be well, & happy as you may….

gigoid, the dubious



As much as I enjoy these morning interludes with the blogging world, there is still a certain degree of fear that goes along with publishing one’s own writing for others to read. One is, after all, exposing the inner self to the world, which, historically, has a habit of treating inner selves rather shabbily, or even cruelly, especially when they are shown for the first time, and often thereafter. It’s perhaps the biggest risk we take by deciding to share our thoughts with the world at large, a risk that is very real, and anyone with less than military grade armor protecting their ego is in serious jeopardy….

My own fear is no match for my ego, though, never has been, so it’s never been an issue for me…. I couldn’t wait to start blogging, as I’ve had stuff to say about life and society for many years, with…

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1 thought on “Some lessons are more painful than others….

  1. Yes…some lessons are definitely more painful than others…like not giving in to the “wonderful” ideas that afflict you in moments of stress and rage for example! Rushing off to the phone shop and landing myself up with an unplanned 2-line contract, after falling out with my other company is not to be recommended….it’s now costing me £600 to buy myself out of it, having realised belatedly what a dreadful mistake it was, and that I hate the phone that came with the contracts!! One should never make “good” decisions in such times of madness! Painful lesson well and truly learned! Just to back it up I will be living on bread and water for the next 12 months to cover the costs of stupidity! 😉 Happy days eh?! 😉

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