Piled Deeper and Higher, on toast….


I have been busy, chasing my bliss out in the Big Blue Room… Well, when I can catch a glimpse of it, anyway. Mostly, I go walkabout, looking for it down alleys, along streams of water, or, in crowds of mingling humans…. where it likes to hide among the common elements all around us. This hasn’t left me much time for writing, or reading, but, I don’t feel any guilt, which tells me it’s the right path. I don’t think I can explain that, so, I won’t, for the moment, even try. I will say, though, I am writing now & then, & will post what I’ve put together in a day or two. For now, here is a Pearl from a time when life around here was much different, to say the least…. You really can’t understand how much the absence of pain, and the presence of sleep, in life can make such a huge change, until you’ve experienced them, and watched them go away…. Some of it, I hope, is going into a poem, which I’ll post when done… For now, please enjoy today’s mess, from early in 2015…. & I’ll be back in a short bit….

See ya, ffolkes…. Stay alert, and, remember to explore your strange….

gigoid, the dubious




“I’m not paranoid – just a student of history.”

~~ gigoid, the dubious, stealing from Smart Bee ~~

2-18-2015 005

    I could rant, right here. ‘Twould be a simple task, given the picture above, taken in mid-winter in Northern California. But, having already been up for an hour, I don’t think I want to start ranting yet, in spite of having good reason. Three a.m. is too early in the day to start that kind of build-up of angst; the process becomes polluted with too much extra emotional force, supplied by anger at myself, for bozoid tendencies allowed to go rogue… The resultant mess takes me hours to clean up, even if it’s only in my head….

This getting old stuff is, well, getting old. Rather than complain about it, which we’ve all heard before, let’s try this…. Wait. No, better not. I remember last time…. Okay, how about this……

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2 thoughts on “Piled Deeper and Higher, on toast….

  1. Hey Ned; not been here for a while so I’ll wish you a Happy New Year, and hope for you more sleep, less pain, and definitely much less guilt – so good to hear! 🙂

    • Hello, milady… good to see you. I, too, have been absent a lot, & it’s always nice to see good friends…. Definitely less pain these days, thanks to kicking the shamans out of my life… which makes going walkabout possible. I’ll be by eventually, but, for now, I’m having too much fun in the real world…. Just wish I could go walkabout in Oz; then I could stop by & say G’day! For now, be well & happy….

      See you soon…


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