Reason to be aloof….


Having spent rather more time walking, & less time writing, than is either usual, or, preferable for me yesterday, I can only say, I’m still not feeling guilty over it, AND, there is still no fresh Pearl. I did spend a few moments this morning searching out this one to reblog. It’s from about a year & a half ago, at the tail-end of my time in Hell of another’s making (damn shamans!….), which came out well, & includes one of my best poetic efforts…not because it’s comfortable, or necessarily great… but, it’s defines, to me, what poetry IS when done right…. At any rate, it’s all there, & should keep y’all happy until I can get something fresh put together… possibly for tomorrow morning. For now, I’m off on more walkabout, but, will spend some time today online to try a bit of catch-up, both writing, and reading blogs…. Perhaps I’ll even make a snarky comment or two, here and there….

Y’all keep up the strange; even if you don’t know it, it’s the best thing you can do. So, go ahead & practice your weird, and go forth, committing random acts of kindness and generosity to the world at large…. It throws ’em off your scent…. See ya soon….

gigoid, the dubious




“Everything in excess!
To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites.
Moderation is for monks.”

~~ Lazarus Long, from Robert A. Heinlein’s “Time Enough For Love” ~~

ketchikan early

Ketchikan, Alaska, before the invasion….

Hajime…. In my experience, the most difficult part of the continued presence of PTSD in my life is what occurred yesterday. I call it SOD, or, sudden onset depression, a euphemistic acronym, which makes it sound all official and clean, when, in truth, it’s a dirty fucking mess. I’ll be cruising along, & will see, or hear, or experience some sort of stimulus, the nature of which is always unclear before it shows itself. This time, I saw a picture/story on FB, about an abused animal, & before I knew it, tears were flowing down my cheeks, and my mood plummeted into the depths….

Not a happy time, especially since it coincided with the onset of…

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