Shadow dancing under Northern Lights….


It appears my absences of late have put a serious dent in the number of readers who stop by…. SIGH, Oh, well, such is life, they say, & I tend to agree. I’ve never actively promoted readership, other than by my own participation on other blogs, a pastime I now have abrogated in favor of walking about the world with eyes open…. so, I suppose the decrease in readers is not so very surprising. Perhaps by reblogging, I can let ffolkes know I am still around, and still spewing out the singularly erudite nonsense so typical to my persona…. but, in the end, it’s all about the journey, not the destination, or the end result.

Here, then, for your reading pleasure, is a blog from the very early days here on ECR, with a pretty good collection of some of my finer nonsense and blather, all pretty well conceived, if not elegantly composed. It works for me, & fulfills my purpose for the time. I’ll be back, & I’ll try to be more regular, but, cannot yet promise to go ‘commenting’ quite yet. The BBR is much too compelling in its complete realism, so, bear with me, or, without me, but, please, know I love you all, and hope you enjoy what I share here….

For now, be well, & happy as you may, and, please, enjoy today’s mess…. See ya soon enough….

gigoid, the dubious



Here is how it works…. I talk, you listen. When I’m done, you comment, or not. If you like it, you hit the button. Afterward, we both go our separate ways…… Put like that, this blogging scene doesn’t come off as particularly attractive, does it? Not a whole lot of human interaction going on there, or any kind of connection between minds. The entire process, looked at from this viewpoint, doesn’t seem to be of much value, leaving out, as it does, all of the passionate emotions that permeate human activity of any kind. Without a connection to what we feel about anything, it loses a lot of the value that we put on those things…..

It’s funny…. WordPress tells me I have 161 WP followers of my blog, with another 30 registered for commenting. Yet, my most viewed and liked piece over the last couple of months runs…

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