Look, Mama! Billy’s nictating again!….


My mind has gone walkabout, in defense, I suppose, against all the physical walking I’ve been doing, during which I keep my thoughts on a leash, in the attempt to stay ‘in the moment’. Or, it may just be one of those days/weeks; it’s always hard to pin down exact causes, when the end result is so amorphously indistinct. In any case, all the wandering around in my own head kept me from getting anything done for the next fresh Pearl. I’ll make an effort to do so today, if I can find even a smidgen of direct will power, & hopefully we’ll see something new by tomorrow, or, the next day. For now, here is a rather fine Pearl from my time in physical Hell, another time when I spent a lot of time in my head, to distract myself from the physical misery… Whatever the case, it’s pretty good, if a bit long-winded, & I hope y’all enjoy the walk through my past thoughts….

See y’all sooner than later, I think…. Be well, & happy as you may….

gigoid, the dubious




“Not all politicians should be shot.  One should be saved for the archives.”

~~ Smart Bee, nailing it in one, PERFECTLY ~~

Blue Marble past 2

Earth from near La Grange Point 1

NASA Image from NASA.gov

Good morning…. Today’s opening quote, for me, is perfect. In fact, I believe I described it that way in the attribution…. Why, yes, yes I did. How about that?

There, having set a tone of silly, we’ll proceed to a more sober beginning, which I found hiding in a Pearl from November of 2013… It’s rather a nice opening, if a bit long, so I think it will do nicely as a counterpoint to rest of today’s effort…. Let’s see what it says, eh?….

Written 11/23/2013:

We people are a funny lot, aren’t we? Funny, strange, that is, not funny, ha ha…. Okay, perhaps “odd” is a more accurate assessment, for the purposes of labeling, a…

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