Inevitable moments of pure confusion….


Nope, not done yet. Moreover, I don’t have any excuse other than to plead self-interest, which isn’t particularly nice, but, is accurate. I AM working on it, if less than efficiently, and, am hoping to get it done for tomorrow. Here is another sublimated entry, from 2015, a couple months after Leelu arrived to save me from myself, while deep in the throes of opioid withdrawal, otherwise known as coming off junk, cold turkey…. As I look back on some of these, it is hard to even imagine what I was going through then; it’s getting a bit blurry, thankfully. In any case, it came out pretty well, got some decent traffic, and some great comments, so, I hope it serves well today as a replacement for fresh ‘stuff’…. I’ll see y’all tomorrow, with news on how my latest experiment in finding Joe is going…. Be well, and, happy as you may be….

gigoid, the dubious




“The attacker must vanquish; the defender need only survive.”

~~ Master Po ~~


Mount Hood from the Coast Starlight….

Hajime…. I’d hoped to have a complete Pearl for y’all today; I’ve been working on one for about a week now, in between sessions of learning completely new physical paradigms developed to keep the various kinds of pain with which I am familiar from becoming so ubiquitous, naught else in my life is relevant. To be honest, it’s something of a PITA, in more ways, and senses, than merely one. In fact, calling it a major PITA wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility; hell, it might just be a colonel PITA…. Sorry, a little military humor there…

I’ll give fair warning; you may find this a bit odd. Not to say we are anything but odd most of the time; today it might be more obvious. I’ve been…

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