Baffling signs of regeneration….


Yay, WP…. the reblog button is back! Great news for those of us who are no longer consistently posting every day. A fresh Pearl is in the works, so, here is a very fine Pearl from the latter portion of my time in Hell. There is some good discussion, a fine poem, and a bunch of interesting comments. I hope you enjoy it, & will commit to post new material in a day, or perhaps, two. Until then, be well, be happy, & get some damn exercise. I can attest, it’s good for ya, and feels good, too! Moreover, it tends to obfuscate the overall level of strangeness which might otherwise be noted…. Well, sometimes, anyway. Any who, see ya, soon enough….

gigoid, the dubious




“When you look into the eyes of friends,

there is a feeling in your heart that will never end.”

~~ The Monkees ~~

MagicatLeelu, the Invisible Magicat

Hajime…. Patience can be hard. Since to explain that would eliminate all the style points I made for not complaining in the first place, I think I’ll just say I’d like to see anyone ride a unicycle with one foot tied behind their back, as I have been for many moons now, while fighting off the pain I’ve had the past three days, and still be patient. But, anyone trying wouldn’t be interested in why it should, or shouldn’t, have been brought up at all. Then, we could point out how non sequitor that was, and go on to the next paragraph.

Sorry. Got lost there, trying to find my way back to my original thought, and got completely twisted around, until…

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