Sucked into the blonde event horizon….


Well, he said, it just goes to show… Life is strange. Of course, he added, it always was, so, we may as well go with the flow, eh? Once again, my own body has intervened to preclude completing a fresh Pearl. In addition, it served notice that will also preclude spending much time in a chair, or reading, or doing any of the tasks needed to get one finished. SIGH…. Gettin’ old sucks.

As sublimation for my failure of flesh, not spirit, here’s an old Pearl, with one of the best titles ever, and a lot of discussion on the very subject we’ve been relating so far today, i.e., learning new paradigms as we age. Go figure, eh? It’s almost like I planned it….

I’ll try really hard to get it done for tomorrow, but, no promises shall be forthcoming, as I’m tired of not being able to live up to them. Let’s just say, if all goes as planned, you’ll see a fresh Pearl in the morning… Oh, yay, they cried!…

Perhaps they didn’t, but, it’s a nice thought anyway. I’ll see y’all soon enough, I hope; after all, hope DOES spring eternal, even for those of us who don’t quite believe it….

Take care, & be well, ffolkes. In the infamous words of the ex-governator, I’ll be back….

gigoid, the dubious



Well, I survived the Lone Star state, albeit a bit worse for wear, and my pockets significantly lighter. All in all, it was an instructive journey, in a lot of ways….. A number of events that happened during the trip were obvious life-lessons, and have taught me that a) I’m not a kid anymore; b) packing light is a good thing; and c) take what is offered, especially perks due to age or disability…..

Oh, and I also found out that not only does Murphy follow me around, he delights in taking advantage of the subtle cruelties offered by travel…. such as convincing myself to take a cab home from the airport, giving me an clueless driver who proceeded to take the wrong freeway on the way to Vallejo, treating me to a memory-filled jaunt through the streets of Berkeley, in order to get back on the right freeway…

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