A (padded) room, with a view….


The physical issue which makes it difficult to sit for any length of time again kept me from completing the Pearl upon which I’ve been working. In the few moments this morning I’ve had at the computer, I managed to find a very good archived Pearl, with a very fine poem from our old friend Charles, (Bukowski, that is…), and some decent ranting by yours truly. It will do for now. It will have to, for it’s all I’ve got. In fact, I’m outta here, having reached my limit for this morning. I’ll see y’all soon; the latest effort is almost there…. SIGH… What with going slowly blind, and not being able to sit, it’s getting tough… but, I am determined….

See ya, ffolkes, as soon as I can…

gigoid, the dubious




Jumping straight up, I twisted in air, spinning around in a full aerial circle, hands out, like an ice-skater imitating a top…. As the Frisbee flew toward me, I caught it, behind my back, while still in the air, spinning…. Hitting the ground, continuing the spin, I flung the Frisbee back to my cohort, in a backhand toss, to where he stood, a bit over 75 yards away, with two equally placed skips, before hitting him in his hand, in exactly the spot from where he had thrown to me, in which he had frozen in position, to receive the return throw…..

Across Sproul Plaza, applause and shouts rang out, as the other members of our group of hippie Frisbee hounds showed their appreciation, of a difficult, flawlessly executed trick catch and throw…. For a young hippie such as myself, it was a watershed moment, exceeded in emotional impact…

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