Instant gratification on sale tomorrow….


I am still very limited in how long I can sit, anywhere, not just here at the computer, & have not been able to put much together yet. To sublimate my overworked urge to blog, here’s one from a bit over two years ago, relatively soon after emerging from nearly two years in Hell. It’s not too shabby, for what it is, & I hope you enjoy it…. As Arnie said to such good effect, I’ll be back…. Be well, & happy as you may be; being strange is a good way to assume camouflage in this sad, strange world, so, for your own sake, be as strange as you can be….I know I will….

Ta, then….

gigoid, the dubious




“If a fish is the movement of water embodied, given shape,
then a cat is a diagram and pattern of subtle air”

~~ Doris Lessing~~

Leelu gazingI deleted ALL your files….

Hajime….. If there were any method available to tell, I would tell you. Since, however, such a method has yet to be discovered, we’ll have to make do with the older version, where I just say it out straight and clean…. Okay, here goes….. Hang on…. Wait for it…. Alright, here you go….

It’s too late. I’m sorry, but, in spite of everything I was able to do, and, in direct opposition to every effort made by a number of compassionate volunteers, it’s just not going to happen…. The sign says we’d have it on sale tomorrow, but, the vendor just couldn’t get his shit together to ship it on time, so, it’s going to be late, again…. I…

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