That paradigm is awfully pale, isn’t it?….


My walkabouts are somewhat restricted right now, as this part of the world is currently being drenched with all the rain it HASN’T dropped this winter…. So, being trapped indoors for the time being, I’ll try to get a fresh Pearl done for tomorrow. For now, please enjoy this one from about 2.5 years ago, with one of the earliest appearances of the Naked Pearl section, which is now a regularly appearing standardized portion of a complete Pearl of Virtual Wisdom. I hope you enjoy it, & I’ll see y’all soon….

Be well and happy; the alternative sucks….

gigoid, the dubious




“Belief is not the beginning but the end of all knowledge.”

~~ Goethe ~~

more leelu 001Leelu watching for wormholes….

Hajime…. Today’s Pearl has an Easter Egg in it…. Sort of. I’ve used one quote today quite extensively…. Your task, should you accept the mission, is to guess which it is, and, naturally, noting how many times you see it…. That said, and, in the interests of total honesty, Leelu isn’t watching for wormholes, this time. She was watching an ant…. which, sadly, had brought friends…. Windex took care of them for now, but, it’s nice to know she’ll notify me if any more plan to come in to spend any time…. Hmph….

Mornin’…. Well, it’s morning here, anyway…. Where you are, it’s likely to be another time, but, we’ll do our best not to confuse anyone, with any tricky anachronisms, or, excessive use of the Tardis we have on loan…

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3 thoughts on “That paradigm is awfully pale, isn’t it?….

  1. I just haven’t had it to drop bye
    But when I do I always find a tasty morsel
    Informative and full of life though I know you’re fighting a good fight
    “A soldier of one
    In an Army of the few”
    Sheldon as Usual

    • Sheldon…. always good to see you. Not to worry; I haven’t been out to read for some time, since I can’t sit very long. I can, however, walk again, & have been enjoying that…. Hope you’re doing better, my friend… Be well, & happy as you may be….


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