Is late REALLY better than never?….


A fresh Pearl is almost ready, but, not quite right. Here, then, to sublimate, is one from back in 2015. I’ll not speak to quality; for today, existence is sufficient unto the day. I’ll post a fresh one tomorrow, fer sure. Until then, remain well, and happy as you may….

gigoid, the dubuious




“You can never beat anything that fights laying on its back.”

~~ Sifu Bee ~~

The Hunter Returns HomeThe Huntress Returns Home with her Prey….

Hajime…. This is going to posted late; my body is making up for lost sleep time these days, I guess. I’m sleeping a lot, which is by no means a complaint. I’ll testify, anytime, anywhere, ’tis far better than the alternative of no sleep at all…. It means I’ll again have to adjust my hours of operation, which will annoy Leelu; cats are not good with changes to their environment, or routines, as we know. Ah well, what’s a few more scratches among the multitude, eh?

Golly, (and, isn’t THAT a fine old expression!), now I’m lost, both already and again. If it were a novelty, I could claim ignorance; since it’s not, I’ll just cop to it, and get on with the rest of today’s mess…

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