Scratching at the nadir of indifference….


Wow…. An entire week has passed since I was able to sit long enough to complete a fresh Pearl… AND, it may be another day or two until I can do so. Hence, another reblog, from our rather extensive archives. This one is from the relative early days here at ECR, about a year after first beginning to write & post here on WP. It’s pretty decent; in fact, its reasonably iconic, for a Pearl. I’ll be back soon, I hope; sitting is being enforced today by extensive weather issues, so, maybe I can shuffle around enough to get one done…. one may always hope, yes? Yes….

Enough blather; let’s get on with the day, shall we? Y’all be well, & happy, and as strange as you can manage…. I’ll join you, & rejoin y’all soon, in the flesh known as real time….

gigoid, the dubious



I’ve always known that Murphy was an asshole, but this month he has gone to new, extreme lengths to mess with my head, and I really don’t appreciate it.  As a non-corporeal entity, he no doubt feels safe from any retribution on my part, but I swear, I will figure out how to have a negative effect on an iconic force of nature, and he will pay, and pay, and pay for all the crap he puts me through….. and if not, well, it’s fun to think about it…..

I suspect that he really doesn’t have to extend himself very far to get cooperation from the USPS; they’re set up to aid his kind of purpose by the very nature of their business. They are responsible for carrying dreams and hopes to people who are desperately waiting for them to arrive, and it only takes a minimum of effort…

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