Scratching at the nadir of indifference….

I’ve always known that Murphy was an asshole, but this month he has gone to new, extreme lengths to mess with my head, and I really don’t appreciate it.  As a non-corporeal entity, he no doubt feels safe from any retribution on my part, but I swear, I will figure out how to have a negative effect on an iconic force of nature, and he will pay, and pay, and pay for all the crap he puts me through….. and if not, well, it’s fun to think about it…..

I suspect that he really doesn’t have to extend himself very far to get cooperation from the USPS; they’re set up to aid his kind of purpose by the very nature of their business. They are responsible for carrying dreams and hopes to people who are desperately waiting for them to arrive, and it only takes a minimum of effort to slow that process down, thus putting the people waiting through a world of pain and anguish, merely by the act of being later than expected, or reasonably desired. And, the work is so mindlessly boring, once the routines are learned, that the people who move the mail generally end up slowing things down just to amuse themselves, not caring who is being screwed over by their lack of integrity….. SIGH…. I HATE Murphy, with a passion as great as any I’ve ever felt, and I WILL figure out a way to hurt him….

That being said, we may as well get on with the business at hand, which, while it may not be as important as what is coming in the mail, it is at least as interesting, in its way…. it’s too bad it has to wait until I can get online to get finished, but, I’m just not finding what I need without the resources there…. for the nonce, interest will have to be enough…. Shall we Pearl?……

George Carlin was the most accurate, the most loved, and the most honest social and political philosopher of the twentieth century, without peer, and may well hold the same distinction for the twenty-first century. He pulled no punches, spared no feelings, and was as honest as the day is long. Nothing he ever said, in any of his monologues, or in what he wrote, was ever inaccurate; he spoke only of what had actually occurred, and what everyone could see around them in society. He was pitiless in his condemnation of stupidity and ignorance, and all of its proponents, who, as we know, are legion. Nobody in the public eye was spared the sharpness of his wit, or ignored and thereby enabled because they were too powerful; he speared them all, just as he does in the above statement……

Mitt Romney is one of the people (and I use the term advisedly…) who is in The Big Club…. He’s a relatively new member, but is well-liked by the others in the club, because he doesn’t seem to be bothered by people thinking this kind of stuff of him; he almost seems to enjoy being put into the elitist category, and almost smiles when he is vilified by the poor or vulnerable. Proof positive lies in the off-the-cuff statements he made last week at the fund-raising dinner, where he thought he was among friends, and could say what he really believes; it is obvious that it is not just that 47% of Americans about whom he was talking that he disrespects. It is ALL Americans who don’t make more than $100 million a year who have his disdain….. and that includes about 99% of the available people…. He doesn’t really care about ANY of them, even his own family…. they are just props for him to make him appear like the rest of America; they don’t really mean anything to him, beyond their images….

Romney and his cronies want to consolidate the power they already have, bringing their greed and total lack of compassion to new heights of calumny. They want to lower taxes for the rich, and raise them for the poor and middle classes; they want to take back the money I, and millions like me, have put into Social Security, and, like George says, put it back in the pockets of Wall Street’s denizens, thereby casting the most vulnerable part of the population, senior citizens, into poverty. They want to turn back the clock to the days when women, and people of color, and immigrants, were second-class citizens; they want to marginalize well over half of the population of this country, all in the name of the almighty dollar. They want to make being gay, lesbian, or transgender a crime; Paul Ryan has stated that he supports a law making it a crime for a woman to become pregnant without being married. They want to impose the religious beliefs of what is now a minority of citizens on all 330 million of us, no matter what our religious beliefs might be; their only concern is to maintain their own ascendancy…..

All of the statements I just made in the above paragraph are absolute truth; you can check out the veracity quite simply, by reading the Official Platform of the Republican Party for the 2012 election. It’s all there is black and white…. and yet, there are millions of STUPID, STUPID people who are going to vote for him, just because he isn’t black. It totally amazes me how these people, with the evidence right in front of them, will give their support to a man who will proceed to fuck them over royally as soon as he is in office. He holds as much, or more, disdain for them as he does for the rest of America, because he knows that they are so ignorant and bigoted they will let their fears of a “black President” overcome their common sense, and give their vote to him, merely because he is white…. and you thought racism was a thing of the past!…….

This country is, whether it realizes it or not, is at a crossroads, a nexus in time, where the fate of not just this country, but humanity at large is riding in the balance. If the election goes to the Republicans (who are making every attempt to control the vote in their favor, by passing illegal voter suppression laws that are continuously being struck down in court….) the overall effects on society will be felt over the entire world. This country will become even more isolated and at odds with the rest of the world than it is now, and the possibility of a world-wide conflagration is not entirely impossible….

So, as an American, each of us needs to make a decision…. Are we going to give in to the elitists who want to completely control the rest of us to their advantage, and take the chance of an end-of-time scenario, or will we make the choice to take back the controls they have usurped, and return the power to the people, where it properly resides? I can only hope that there are enough of us shouting out the truth to get the attention of all those who think they can let it go, that things will get better on their own…. otherwise, we are ALL up shit creek, and no paddles in sight……

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.” — Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Abigail Adams, Paris, Feb. 22, 1787

Fatal Supplication

But what becomes of our deepest dangerous dreams?
Does fantasy rescue any part of life’s imperiled favor?
Reality becomes but silvery pairs of mismatched teams,
Dining with affable elegance, such diffident waste to savor.

Who decides what sorrows to carry bravely to term?
Will fragrant moments of sanity make hasty manifestation?
Only Time’s patient mutability sends messages so firm,
Yet salient impersonal vexation lends credence to ripe imagination.

Can folly bring out sadness and rampant visions of beauty?
What kindness can be found in distant open relations?
With countless faces the dead disturb with dire impunity,
From separate caches of wisdom come simple stylish privations.

Shall shallow emotion serve to provide such explanations?
When does avaricious intensity assume primary focus?
Plain answers slide softly through with multiple mitigations,
While conceptually indignant bigots engage a fatally personal locus.

~~ gigoid


Due to the unfortunate demise of Smart Bee, I am forced to search through my older Pearls for material…. I came across these gems, two consecutive  Pearls from sometime around April of 2008, while I was working at the state hospital…. they kind of fit in with today’s earlier themes, so I’ve included both below…. pearls were shorter then, but, hopefully, no less compellingly true…. enjoy!…..

Babbling brook

Generally I refrain from picking on politicians; it’s too easy. But, the American political arena has consistently made a hobby of attempting to legislate morality (to impress the great mass of religious sheep who habitually vote), and this hobby has created an unfortunate cultural phenomenon, what I like to call “warped honesty”.

I was listening this morning to a commercial (for a car which shall remain unnamed, for fairness’ sake). (the heck with it, it was rude….Subaru Forester). The announcer gleefully touted about 8 features of the car that demonstrated its’ superiority over other vehicles, speaking for about 38 seconds. The remaining 22 seconds in a full minute were taken up by one of those announcers who can speak 500 words a minute who gave the legal disclaimer, which consisted of a disclaimer for all 8 talking points in the advertisement. Amazing! Nothing in the commercial was true, but because of the disclaimers, they could say it anyway. It boggles the mind. Obviously, none of these people (the ad folks, the car sellers, or the politicians) have ever heard of axiom #4, or worse yet, #7. (#4: Excellence is its’ own reward. #7: Do your Duty. Honor the Truth. Respect Life.  Share your Love.) The sad part is, most folks haven’t heard of them. Sigh……

“In the mountains the shortest way is from peak to peak: but for that one must have long legs. Aphorisms should be peaks.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Be alert folks……Y’all take care out there…..

yesterday, continued

There were some good responses to yesterday’s offering, and today I just want to finish up the line of reasoning begun. The two quotes below explain a lot about human nature, which is, without a doubt, our greatest handicap as well as our salvation. Enjoy!

“Morality is the best of devices for leading Mankind by the nose.”–Friederich Nietsche

“If stupidity got us into this mess, why can’t it get us out?”–Will Rogers

And never forget…

“Those who are clever, who have a brain, never understand anything.”–Winnie the Pooh

Y’all take care out there….

Not too bad for a flash from the past…..

Such as it is, it is what it is, and cannot be more…. So be it…. It’s another Pearl fashioned on the run, and posted in haste…. hopefully, this will not detract from its relevance and veracity…. Y’all take care out there, and May the Metaphorse be with you…..

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.





11 thoughts on “Scratching at the nadir of indifference….

  1. My question to that idiot, Paul Ryan, is: Why don’t you pass a law against the men who get the unmarried women pregnant? Shouldn’t they suffer also?”
    I’m so pissed and fed up with these lying bastards I could bite nails. What really gets me is how the public is so racist they will turn a blind eye to what is right in front of their face so they don’t have to have a black man in office. I heard on NPR an ignorant woman saying it’s time to have a first lady who looks like a first lady. What she meant was, it’s time to have a first lady who’s white and ignorant.

    • Paul Ryan is a male chauvinist pig, and actually could be used to define the term. He hates women, for the simple reason that he is deathly afraid of their sexuality, and their power over him; his reaction to this fear is to demonize and belittle them, just like any little bully….. There are a lot of women in this country who are feeling just the same, Brenda, so you are in good company…. I just hope you get an opportunity to sink your teeth into Ryan… I’d pay serious money to see that…. 🙂

      And, I am of the opinion that Michelle Obama is the most beautiful First Lady that has ever graced the White House…. and I do mean “graced”, for she exhibits grace and charm with every breath, as far as I can tell…..

      • Okay, Ned. If ever I find I’m going to be Paul Ryan’s company I’ll send you a message so you can be present.
        My hubby and I both think Michelle Obama is the most beautiful, graceful, and authentic woman we’ve seen in the White House yet.

  2. Another truly interesting post Ned. Like you I despair for your country if Romney and his like get into power. Mind you it might be good news for the white cotton sheet industry?? Actually I see no good to come of it at all. England too is on its knees the conservative government bleeding us dry. If you find that shit Murphy let me know there are a number of people here who would love to shake him by the throat.

  3. “Paul Ryan has stated that he supports a law making it a crime for a woman to become pregnant without being married.”

    Never heard this before. I’ll have to look into this. You’d think this would be a politically devastating position.

    I agree with the general stupidity of the public. Although I think white working people have generally been voting against their own interests for 30 or 40 years, long before Obama. Obama doesn’t have the personal or business faults of Bill Clinton, so his ethnic background is the “weakpoint” for his enemies. I think alternate weaknesses would’ve been attacked if Hillary had won.

    Great quote from Carlin!

    • Yes, Ryan actually said that… back during the primaries, to an audience that ate it up, as they were fundamentalists…it fits right in with his Ayn Rand obsession, as she was perhaps the most egregious idiot of her time, and pulled a lot of half-wits into her web of foolishness…. An ego driven uber-bitch, is all she was…. and always probably wondered why she couldn’t maintain a relationship with a man….. And what I said about Carlin is the real deal, IMHO; he was the most honest, most insightful philosopher of his time…. 🙂

    • I didn’t think so for a while, but the polls are showing the reaction that I expected to take longer, with Obama beginning to pull away in every demographic… it’s looking much more hopeful, but I’m not relaxing until the numbers are all in… It will determine whether or not I have to buy a handgun, or a long range rifle….. 🙂 Always been a believer in proactive thinking…..

  4. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:


    Wow…. An entire week has passed since I was able to sit long enough to complete a fresh Pearl… AND, it may be another day or two until I can do so. Hence, another reblog, from our rather extensive archives. This one is from the relative early days here at ECR, about a year after first beginning to write & post here on WP. It’s pretty decent; in fact, its reasonably iconic, for a Pearl. I’ll be back soon, I hope; sitting is being enforced today by extensive weather issues, so, maybe I can shuffle around enough to get one done…. one may always hope, yes? Yes….

    Enough blather; let’s get on with the day, shall we? Y’all be well, & happy, and as strange as you can manage…. I’ll join you, & rejoin y’all soon, in the flesh known as real time….

    gigoid, the dubious


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