Bath water? What baby?……

I am forced to confess that I’ve become an internet addict…. I can’t conceive of going back to the days before the entire repository of human knowledge, minus the traditional confidential security material, was available at request, in the blink of an eye. One can feed the elephant’s child for as long as they wish, in any field or subject, and never run out of material to learn. I miss what I now feel to be a necessity, a connection to the net at home, where I can fulfill any question or impulse to find out something at my whim. Being reduced to a limited time per day is somehow diminishing, and emotionally stressful…. hmm, maybe I could plead that to the cable company, to get my hook-up for a discount…. might be worth a try….

Meantime, I am reduced to creating my Pearls ahead of time, so that I can post them quickly…. this gives me a little time to catch up to email, check in with Facebook and Twitter, check the time for the ball game at the news site I frequent, and then do any online research I’ve remembered from when at home…. all of which adds up to a routine I’m still evolving into some sort of efficiency, reluctantly. It’s still annoying to have to develop a whole new routine, just because I had to move, but I suppose I can’t complain too much…. I’m still living indoors, and have enough to eat, which is a damn site better than a lot of the world’s population can say…. Can’t forget that, even when it gets better, or worse, there are always people in a tougher spot…..

What this all boils down to is that today’s effort was actually created yesterday, almost completely…. it was necessary to fill in around the edges, as you will see after reading today’s poetry effort in the second section of pearls. That effort drained me pretty thoroughly, and I retreated into the past a bit…. sections one, three, and the closing section are all pearls created years ago…… a mild form of hebephrenia, as is were…. and, sorry, no, you’ll have to look it up….. 🙂   Try a Dictionary of Psychiatric Disorders…. which is appropriate for use in this blog….

I’m now ensconced comfortably with a cuppa coffee at the local Wi-Fi & java spot, ready to cram a day’s worth of internet into an hour and a half. The Pearl is ready, so I’m going to begin the process of moving it from my laptop to the blog site, with a short stop to send out the email Pearl, which continues a tradition founded over 10 years ago, in the dawn of the personal computer age…… and has been my primary source of defense against insanity for all that time…. Shall we Pearl?……

There are times when getting bogged down is unavoidable; the nature of the Universe demands this, in order to maintain the proper degree of entropy. I think it is one of God’s greatest jokes, one that begs for understanding. I mean, just look at the way things are set up; is this not prat-fall funny, having a well-ordered Nature, and then tossing in entropy to keep things interesting? Things fall apart, and that’s just the way it is…..

proof by forward reference:
Reference is usually to a forthcoming paper of the author, which is often not as forthcoming as at first.

proof by semantic shift:
Some of the standard but inconvenient definitions are changed for the statement of the result.

proof by appeal to intuition:
Cloud-shaped drawings frequently help here.

— How to Prove It, Part 7

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” — Francis Bacon, English philosopher (1561-1626)

As always, the lesson is left as an exercise for the gentle reader…..

Playing by the Rules

All my days I looked for love,
And found it everywhere I looked.
The years were joyous and fully booked
Seemingly by command from Above.

In return for all of the beauty in Life I found
I played life by the Rules that we all know,
It was from my father I learned the how,
Honest love, given freely, hand-fasted, gladly bound.

It seemed a while as if it were all real,
that fulfillment and contentment could be
as real as the children given us to oversee,
to teach them of Life and Love, and how to feel.

Then storm clouds of grievous change arrived, unbidden
Insidious, deceitful, three steps forward, then one back.
Tearing holes in our beautiful cloth, a heart heard to crack,
Gleeful demons eating life’s bounty, fangs dirty, and hidden.

Pain and sorrow grew, in defiance of all I tried,
Sanctuary turned into a reluctant scene of ritual battle,
Love still lives, but herded like doomed and pitiful cattle,
While the keening of my soul sounds as if I’d cried.

Betrayal in love is, allow me to assure, no small pain to take.
Time has no power to reduce its place in my heart or soul.
My truest love became a stranger, a powerfully sharp toll,
Solitude has become my lot, no killing time for necessity’s sake.

Love yet surrounds me, everywhere; I’m not one of those fools…
Children are forgiving, I’m glad to be able to say,
They show me life’s solid purpose, the old, right way,
I guess  don’t know any other way, than to Play it by the Rules.

~~ gigoid

Okay, ffolkes, this one hurt, a lot, but it had to come out…. I’ve been in tears for an hour now, first drowning in feeling that arose from inside, unasked, then letting those feelings out onto the screen, and they’re not going to stop anytime soon, I can tell. This is an old, old pain, and apparently has been hiding for a while, buried much deeper than I had previously given credence to; it fucking HURTS!….. It’s a damn  good thing that I’m an optimist, and too bloody stubborn to give up believing in Life, and all that is good and beautiful in it…. that’s all I can say…. otherwise, I’d be damned depressed right now….. I  gotta go…..

As a firm believer in taking responsibility for our own karma, I often allow instinct to guide my behavior. This is not to say that it is my sole guide, but evolution gave us certain advantageous traits, and allowing them free rein can be, and often is, a very comfortable path to success. (Success = survival)  Reason, and perception, and those other parts of us arising out of our intelligence that can be valuable as survival tools can fail us at the test, and instinct provides options. Thus this morning’s offering…. many of you are, ostensibly, therapists. These are good tools in being effective as one who serves others in the fertile fields of the human mind…..

“A bitter jest, when the satire comes too near the truth, leaves a sharp sting behind.” — Tacitus

“If rejection destroys your self-esteem, you’re letting others hold you as an emotional hostage.” — Brian Tracy

“You may forget the one with whom you have laughed, but never the one with whom you have wept.” — Kahlil Gibran

Thoughtfully kind, self-confident, and compassionate. Valuable traits indeed……

The following pearl, also a former Pearl, is from the summer of 2008, as are the first section, and the third section of today’s Pearl. I know it’s a bit lazy, and possibly a bit confusing, but, bear with me, as I go through these difficult times, bereft of my usual resources, such as Smart Bee, and an ISP at home…. I’ve been around writing these Pearls for a long time now, all in all, and there are a lot of them I don’t even remember…. it’s kind of fun, like finding a long lost stash of comic books…. any who, enjoy….. even if it isn’t Monday…. please?….

First Impressions…

…..can last a long time, even when the secondary & tertiary experience is contrary. Which is why I try to be particularly lucid on Mondays. But then, nobody’s perfect……

“Be able to be alone.  Lose not the advantage of solitude, and the society of thyself.”–unknown smart guy

Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. — Theodore Isaac Rubin

It is good to be alone sometimes. And wisdom is its’ own reward. But this next one, this is powerful truth!

“Fifty bucks, same as downtown!” — The Philadelphia Kid

See, it’s all in the wrist….. And don’t worry about the lesson today; it isn’t there…..unless you wish it to be……

This is the oddest Pearl I’ve created in a while; if you are familiar with what goes on around here, you’ll know that is saying a lot…. which is, no doubt, enough said…..  Y’all take care out there, and May the Metaphorse be with you…..

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.




3 thoughts on “Bath water? What baby?……

  1. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:


    I’m still unable to type for long; this getting old crap is getting old. Things just don’t heal like they once did…. Ah, well… Here’s a pretty decent old Pearl, from about 4+ years ago, with a pretty decent poem I wrote, and some fine explorations of reality. I hope you enjoy it; I’ll be back soon, I hope….


  2. SMiLes.. the Internet was created
    by lonely boys in garages
    to create social
    roles for themselves
    so retired and ‘other’ folks
    could better co-create
    their own roles too..
    and notice..
    as statistics
    show.. after
    the year 2000..
    serial killing went down
    300%.. oh.. the social roles..
    safely coming to heal the potential dead..;)

    -me.. et.. al..
    me.. ow..

    “A wise man will
    make more opportunities
    than he finds.”

    — Francis Bacon,
    English philosopher (1561-1626)

    But only
    if he or she seeks..
    and practices after finding
    and seeks and finds more..
    never ending story noW as liFe changes..:)

    “A bitter jest, when the satire comes
    too near the truth, leaves a sharp sting behind.”

    — Tacitus

    that works..;)

    “If rejection destroys your self-esteem,
    you’re letting others hold you as an emotional hostage.”

    — Brian Tracy

    A lesson of the Art of MoVinG.. ConNecTinG.. and CreAtinG..
    for moderation of EmoTions.. and Integration of Senses..
    Officially Tai Chi by lesSon works for this too..
    however.. words are kinda empty
    unless at least one valid
    path to actually
    do this
    is provided iSReaL..
    problem with the bible
    and the koran too..
    lots of talk
    practice of
    juST DoinG iT noW..
    That actuAlly FucKinG works..;)

    “You may forget the one with whom you
    have laughed, but never the one with
    whom you have wept.”

    — Kahlil Gibran

    i write it all down in a Garden
    of Band Aid..
    per se..
    and rarely
    forget any oF iT
    as i take notes along the
    way.. same thing.. i did in school..
    then.. and nah.. never looked back
    at my notes then either.. hehe..
    but now that they are at
    least readable vs..
    and chicken
    prescription writing..
    other folks seem to view
    what i do.. at least by record
    on Blogger Blogs.. as Word
    Press is too slow and
    clunky overall..
    Garden notes..
    (:.. winkS and
    quick… slow..
    i set it up
    that way
    as writing takes time..
    and fewer distractions..;)

    “Be able to be alone. Lose not
    the advantage of solitude, and the
    society of thyself.” –unknown smart guy

    And on the other Hand.. don’t forget the
    Meaning oF Social Animal LiFe.. ToGeTheR..:)

    Kindness is more important than wisdom,
    and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.

    — Theodore Isaac Rubin

    Yes.. so-called Standard
    IQ measures of Intelligence
    can be rather cOld and Empty
    by the
    of the
    Cognition Robot Day..
    Creativity FeeLs.. @least..
    iN MoVinG.. CoNnecTing
    CreaTivELy.. iN hUman SeNSinG ways..
    aS Social Empathic iNtelligence GRows..:)

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