Some fava beans and a nice Chianti….


As expected, BBR events and prior commitments have precluded working on a fresh Pearl, so, i’m posting from the archives to signify my absence, and my steadfastness; one out of two ain’t bad…. In any rate, I should be done with my other stuff soon, and will celebrate with a completely fresh pile of nonsense & blather. As long as I only say that, with just that degree of ambiguity, the odds are good for fulfilling such a prediction. That’s my story, & I’m sticking to it. Y’all take care, & be strange, which is better than any alternative….


gigoid, the dubious




“Wisdom begins in wonder.”

~~ Socrates ~~

Galway StreetsEntrance to the Spanish Arch

Galway, Ireland

Hajime…. As y’all know from previous Pearls, the word, ‘hajime’ is Japanese, meaning, “begin” or, “beginning”. It is spoken to two judoka, or karateka, as the word to start a match between them. I use it here, simply because it brings me a small bit of focus, merely to speak it in my head. I need the focus, because this is a special Pearl, in some ways. Two events occurred today to break the monotony of my semi-reclusive existence, as I fight my way past the issues I’ve been facing all year. One I’ll relate just below, in this section; the other will serve as today’s rant replacement for that section. First, the SECOND event, in terms of when they happened; the first resulted in the second…. You’ll see..

Surviving a near-death experience somehow makes…

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