Awesome Blog Content Award Nomination


A few days ago, I received an email that Carolyn at was nominated for an Awesome Blog Content Award. Part of receiving such an honor is to post a thank you note to the blogger who awarded it, to nominate as many bloggers as you see fit for the same award, and to write something about oneself, using the alphabet. It was to my surprise and honor, and great delight, that Carolyn had nominated my blog to receive the award. So thank you Carolyn; you have been a very encouraging friend, and I appreciate all the support.

Nominating other bloggers whom I feel deserve this award is a tough choice. Every blog I’ve signed up to follow has excellent work to display, and choosing just a few is hard. Here are some that I tend to visit a lot, whenever I am notified they have posted. You should enjoy them as well…..

adollylicious, at Dolly is a young media artist, with a heart of gold. You can find her at

jdobypr’s site is called The Urban Link. Jerry offers news and advice for burgeoning DJ’s and Hip Hop and Rap artists. He can be found at

Photobotos promises to post an Amazing Photo Every Day! They can be found at

Maggie Mae writes very powerful poetry. Her site is at

Linda Vernon Humor writes amusing anecdotes and observations on life and her husband. You can find her site at

I would like to include a bunch more, including those by Michael, Michelle, Scott, Randall, Jimmy, Bonanzaetfils, Patrick, Ajay, Rohit, Lesley, and the rest, but I’m already pushing my skill with this blog editing function to the limits. But I want to say that every blog I’ve visited so far has been outstanding in one respect or another.

I’m not shy about talking about myself, so here is my alphabet:

A) Abundantly self-confident. (Some might say Arrogant, but they’re just jealous. A little arrogance is fine, as long as you can back it up…..)

B) Bozoid, for sure..

C) Cooks really well, all things considered. (A $35K culinary arts degree has to count for something, right?)

D) Debonair (well, maybe not, but I’ve always wanted to be described that way, and this is my chance…..)

E) Eternally romantic, within reason, and budget…..

F) Fools around a lot. Well, I AM retired, and I have a lot of hours to fill up.

G) Gosh, I dunno…..maybe Grateful, for old friends and new…..

H) Habitual reader…..averaged one book/day X 50 years.

I) Don’t get me started on “I”…I just get weirder and stranger to longer I write, and I never can stop myself….see?

J) Just another bozo on the bus….

K) Kreative speller….

L) Living la vida loca….

M) Mostly not serious, except when I am…..

N) Ned, the handle I go by out in the big blue room…only my friends and family know it, so please, shhhh!

O) Oh, how did I ever get myself into this? Will it never end? See next installment, er, letter….

P) Pretty clever, eh? That is several in a row without stating anything prosecutable….

Q) Quietly encouraging revolution….

R) Resplendent in my tap shoes and sequined vest….

S) So many places to see! So many songs to be sung! So many people to meet. So much for watching a game on Sunday….

T) Thoroughly incorrigible curmudgeon….

U) Ultraviolet light makes my hair glow orange…..

V) “Ve haff our vays of making you talk!”

W) Why do you want to know? I got nothing to hide, copper!

X) Xact change only please….

Z) Ze list, she is finish…

Well, there you have it. A veritable truckload of stuff about me, all easily folded for packing away. This may help in clearing up some of the questions you may have had after a period of exposure to the Daily Pearls of Virtual Wisdom, but I doubt it did anything but raise more questions than it answered.I do have  a softer side; I just don’t let it out much. I’ve spent too long fashioning my status as a curmudgeon to tarnish that image now. In reality, I tear up at Hallmark commercials.

Thanks again to Carolyn, and to all the bloggers who are now nominated I say, good luck! Y’all take care out there…..

Sometimes I sits and thinks,

and sometimes

I just sits.




A couple of days ago, I received an email informing me that Carolyn at had received a Nomination for the ABC Award. In turn, she nominated several other bloggers, and to my surprise and delight, I was one of them.

27 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Content Award Nomination

  1. Congrats! You deserve it!
    Wow, you read one book a day and also post here often? I’ve always imagined that you are probably one of the most interesting people to sit and talk with.
    Take care man!

    • Thanks Scott…glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I’m interesting all right….but that’s just my opinion…just kidding…I’d love to sit down and dialogue with everyone whose blog I’ve followed; the more the merrier….take care out there….

  2. Congratulations, gigoid, on your Awesome Blog Award! and congratulations on dominating me! (Wait . . . not sure that came out right.) Anyway, I’m honored! Thank you so much. I’m feeling special in a good way for once. Oh and please don’t ever clear up any questions about you Daily Pearls of Virtual Wisdom. It’s much more fun to wonder! Like what is the blue room?

    • The Big Room, or Big Blue room is that room outside the place where your computer lives; also known as Meat Space, as opposed to Cyber Space….thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be answering your tag, you’re it, posting this evening some time…and thanks for that too…take care out there…..

  3. You cheated……!!!!!
    V) “Ve haff our vays of making you talk!”
    X) Xact change only please….
    Z) Ze list, she is finish… – to name but a few….. 😉
    On second thoughts; think you described yourself excellently with those remarks… 😉
    Hope you had fun… know I did
    Take care…. your body needs you 😉

    • Aye, I did, indeed…. Actually, it wasn’t cheating; I merely changed the rules to suit myself. I find game-playing a much more rewarding activity since I started doing that; I never lose; I just change the rules…. 😉 It was a lot of fun; a lot of what I end up writing about is prompted by my outrage over some news item from one of the pundits, and are fairly serious. I love letting my craziness out….and I have a lot to give in that area…..take care…

  4. Wonderful Ned, Congratulations! I feel so happy for you and you really deserved this Awesome Blog Award!
    Wow 🙂 I am also honored that you mentioned my blog as well. Thank you so much…
    I really am also very thankful to meet people like you in this blogging world. You rock! I wish you all best in life and true joy, full of love and fun. More power to you my friend.
    Big hug!
    Dolly xoxo

  5. Dolly….thanks again….I’ll take the hug; I’ve been celibate for almost two years now, so all affection is welcome…. 🙂 (the laughing noise I just made is probably most accurately called a chortle, or possibly a chuckle…..much louder than a mere snicker…..)

    • Thanks Jerry…. and the same right back at ya! Sorry I didn’t respond to this before now; I must have missed the email notification somehow….see ya around the site…. 🙂

      • I just saw that you nominated me for two blog awards LOL…thank you and i will respond soon! i am squeezing in client work alongside my grandmother’s funeral but should get back to normal by Wednesday…just wanted you to know i saw it and appreciate it.

        • No worries, mate…it was a real struggle for me to get a second post out in one day, and I’m not anywhere near as busy as you are; I’m essentially retired, and have a lot of time to fill up….any who, take your time & enjoy it; they are fun posts to respond to, and I like getting the opportunity to share the sites of the folks who have been so encouraging to me…. 🙂

  6. I am not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for great info I was looking for this info for my mission.

    • Eke2625…. I’d say, percentage-wise, my information comes about 50-60% from what I’ve read, averaging one book/day for 51 years now, supplemented daily with several hours on the Internet, gathering material for my rants and diatribes….most of the other stuff I write is out of my own head, whether from my own experience(s), based on my not-too-shabby reasoning skills, a great many ever-evolving strong opinions and/or conclusions, or just plain neuro-psychiatric spasms is often hard for even me to decide… but it matters little to me; I just write the damn stuff because I tend to choke on all that built-up angst if I don’t….(I am compelled to add…I am scrupulous as to attribution: if someone else created it, said it, or wrote it, their name goes on it on my blog. Second, I forgot to mention the other huge component of my need to write… an abiding and steadfast love for this world we live in, and the life we have the opportunity to live, and I believe that sharing that love, in what I write and what I do, is the most valuabe and dutiful way to show my appreciation and gratitude for that…)

      Whatever it is you mean about the reference to your mission, I’m glad I can be of help, even if using me as a negative example of something or other….even hatred or mere dislike is a response… 🙂 Take care out there, and Blessed Be…..

  7. Actually, I?m a blog starter. I just want more people to visit my blog to make me a popular blog. I?m capable of writing, and I know writing skill is a must. But is there any other way to make my blog more popular?.

    • Sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can help drive page views; most blogging sites have methods you can use to promote your blog around their site as well. Myself, I just let word of mouth work its slow but effective magic..after 222 posts here, I’ve attracted close to 80 followers for my blog… that’s about all I do, but there is a lot of information and articles on that subject, just here on WordPress, and I’m sure, on many blogsites….good luck…

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  9. Sup, I want to ask you one thing. Is this a wordpress webpage? I’m wondering about transferring our site from Blogger to wordpress, ya think that is practical? In addition did you set up this particular template yourself some how? Thanks for your help!

    • Nuttins sup, ‘zackly… Yes it is a WordPress page…yes it’s practical, WordPress just added a tool for doing just that. WordPress has a number of free templates one may use, such as mine, which is called Twenty Eleven…they also have premium templates for sale, some of which look pretty spiffy; my blog is all about the content though, so this simple style works for me…..they also sell domain names at a very good price….

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