Irregular behavior patterns on parade….


You’ll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.”
~~  George Bernard Shaw ~~
“Did someone say “walk”?”

The dogs belong to a photographer in England. She rescued all three dogs, and now takes pictures of them together, and separately, from a unique viewpoint; I found this, along with a number of other excellent photos, on the web site of the London Daily Telegraph…. I love the pictures, which she uses to demonstrate a number of emotions or issues of a humorous nature…. If you have a chance, check them out some time… I forgot to take down the name, of either the dogs, or the photographer, but, Google will find the picture, if it is plugged in, just like it will find words….

Now that the housekeeping has been completed, we could go on to something more compelling, or intense, but, who wants to wake up to that? I could comment along the lines of the quote from George Bernard, above, or, I could even start a rant in the same vein, i.e., political asininity…. We could take a 90 degree turn, heading off toward some shiny thought off in the distance…. Or, I could ignore everything, and just start babbling, much as I usually do each day….

I can’t seem to make up my mind, which, although not all that unusual, is a trifle more stubborn than I generally find it to be…. There’s no rhyme, nor reason, I can find, other than an impish sense of fun that is sort of hovering about, looking for a way to insert itself into the conversation…. It’s bound for disappointment today, I can tell ya…. My mood is such that “fun” might cause sparks, and a fire…. we don’t want to have to deal with that before I’ve had more coffee, believe me…. I’m already riding the edge of control, couldn’t say why, but, I can say, it would NOT be a good day to test my patience….

Maybe it’s because I was all set to do a politirant, right off the bat today…. The quote, a good one, is also a good springboard for a discussion of the dangers of patriotism without the intelligence to operate such a dangerous state of being…. To be a true patriot of this country, it requires, no, it demands the citizenry be educated, and not by merely one book; anything less will not allow us to keep the freedom to think, and to act in ways that are actually free, and not merely conforming to custom, or tradition…..

But, then, most of the citizens of this country can no longer use their minds for independent thought, having given away the right to use their own minds a long time ago…. In fact, I’m pretty sure the fundies and zealots were already planning their insidious take-over of the government, in collusion with the corporate snakeheads and their bribes…. Now, both of them have the government in a choke hold, and nothing gets done unless they say so…. If you don’t believe me, just look at how many bills this Congress has voted on…. it’s pathetic….

Both of these groups, neither of which gives a shit about the common man, other than as the means by which they can assume control of the world’s resources, have infiltrated the ranks of those who believe they are in charge, to manipulate them into making laws that favor two entities only….. Business, which is protected by the granting of “corporate personhood”, and religion, which is protected by all sorts of special advantages in the laws, just like the corporations… such as no taxes on their operations or properties…. What a scam!

Oh gosh…. look at that. I’ve lost control again, and started ranting in the intro…. when I said I probably shouldn’t rant at all….. and, I find I was right, as usual…. (I know, being right so often is annoying at times, but, hey, it’s still better than being wrong!…..) My mood is such that just that little bit of expressed ire, and my blood pressure banged up a few notches…. Bogus!

Ah well, we’ll pretend it never happened, and try to go on…. In fact, we’ll take this opportunity right here to make our escape, n’est pas? Oui….

Shall we Pearl?….

“The greatest torture in the world for most people is to think.” — Luther Burbank (1849-1926)


“Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

“The “rules” are more like frightened guesses based on pious fairytales, superstitious dogma, the thing that sort of worked for a few people, once, way back when. The church is more full of sh-t than anyone save maybe the government, right along with all developed cultures of the world, all clueless as stoned cats but simultaneously desperate to keep the populace locked into some sense of behavioral norm. ” — Mark Morford, Monday, 2014

I’ll bet you’re thinking, “Oh no! He’s going to rant again, against religion!” Well, you could be right, but, then, again, you might be wrong, too…. To be honest, I myself am, as yet, unsure which path to take…. Mark’s article is a good one, again, and this single paragraph is one of the finest short summaries of reality in our culture that I’ve seen in a long time… The last sentence in the excerpt, “….church is full of sh_t….”, etc. is BEAUTIFUL!, It’s precise, coherent, and shows reality in a strong, bright light….. such as it is….

I COULD rant…. goodness knows there is enough going on in the world to rant about, especially now the various branches of our government, which have been at war for generations, have apparently gone completely bonkers, with one branch trying to sue another branch, by filing suit with the third branch…. which just goes to show, the tree is rotten, to the core….

Rather than making it worse for you by pounding that into your face and mind, with a religirant, or a politirant, or even a politireligirant, I’ll make the same points, with a lighter touch, by putting together a pointed old-school pearl, with all of them, the politicians, the judges, the police, the corporate snakes, the preachers, the pimps, and all those other assholes who spend their lives taking from others, as the common target…. Enjoy….

“The Second Amendment doesn’t grant the right to keep and bear arms. You already have that right.  The Constitution just prohibits the government from taking it away from you.” — Smart Bee

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” — H.P. Lovecraft, “Supernatural Horror in Literature”

“There are two sentences inscribed upon the Delphic oracle, hugely accommodated to the usages of man’s life: “Know thyself”, and “Nothing too much”; and upon these all other precepts depend.” — Plutarch (46-120 AD) — Consolation to Apollonius

“In fact, one thing that I have noticed . . . is that all of these conspiracy theories depend on the perpetrators being endlessly clever.  I think you’ll find the facts also work if you assume everyone is endlessly stupid.” — Brian E. Moore

“Everybody in this room is wearing a uniform, so don’t kid yourself…” — Frank Zappa

“Money talks. Usually it says, “Bend over.”” — Solomon Short

“Don’t ever tell anyone they ain’t free, ‘cos they’re gonna get real busy killin’ and maimin’ just to prove they are.” — Terry Southern (script for Easy Rider)

And there, but for the grace of, well, somebody, go you or I…


I’m using one of my poems, just because it fits the theme, perfectly…. Well, of course it does, silly, I wrote it, didn’t I?….

Geezer to Congress, with Love

Politicos don’t care much ’bout seniors and their ilk,
except for their money, I thinks;
Though they talk as if they’d cozen them in silk,
what they actually do, it stinks.

“The banks are failing, we can’t allow that!”,
steal from the aged, that’s their plan.
“Their life’s ending, that’s plainly where they’re at,”
lie shamelessly, because they can.

Maybe just once, if we all act together,
it couldn’t miss.
Right on their shoes, no matter the weather,
take careful aim, and piss.

Why the hell not?
It’s worth a shot!

~~ gigoid ~~


Okay, so, it’s getting a bit late, and I’m tired, even though I haven’t ranted very hard or long…. Just a factor of my age, I suppose…. which is something I refuse to give in to. Rather than ranting, though, which could cause bleeding from the ears at this juncture, we’ll go old school again, with a random, harlequin style pearl, sans parameters, to make the process of searching faster and simpler…. Now, watch Smart Bee screw with me, and keep me busy for a half-hour or more, looking for that last perfect pearl…. Wish me luck….

“Generally, he who occupies the field of battle first and awaits his enemies is at ease.” — Sun Tzu

“In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. The young they keep out of mischief; to the old they are a comfort and aid in their weakness, and those in the prime of life they incite to noble deeds.” — Aristotle

“It is vain to look for a defence against lightning.” — Publius Syrus (42 BC) — Maxim 835

“Let not thy mind run on what thou lackest as much as on what thou hast already.” — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD) — Meditations, vii, 27

“The man who boasts that he habitually tells the truth is simply a man with no respect for it. It is not a thing to be thrown about loosely, like small change; it is something to be cherished and hoarded and disbursed only when absolutely necessary. The smallest atom of truth represents some man’s bitter toil and agony; for every ponderable chunk of it there is a brave truth-seeker’s grave upon some lonely ash-dump and a soul roasting in Hell.” — H. L. Mencken, Prejudices: Third Series

“The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common.  Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts  to fit their views…which can be very uncomfortable if you happen to  be one of the facts that needs altering.” — Doctor Who, “Face of Evil”

This is thy hour, O Soul;
Thy free flight into the wordless
Away from books, from art.
The day erased; the lesson done.

Thee fully forth emerging,
Silent, gazing…
Pondering the themes thou lovest best:
Night, sleep, death, and the stars.

~~ Walt Whitman ~~


Naturally, I was, again, too bloody right…. except it took 45 minutes, rather than a mere 30…. But, the results were worth the time & effort, I think, so, I’ll let it go without further comment, which would only serve to anger me, and bore y’all…. Neither of those outcomes is desirable, so, we’ll just call it a day…. Well, we will, as soon as I can figure out the correct combination of words to get us out of here…. Oh, right, here they are…. See ya, ffolkes…. tomorrow, if everything goes the way it should….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest  Carole, Mark, and Theresa…
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid the dubious

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5 thoughts on “Irregular behavior patterns on parade….

  1. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:

    Today’s exploration of reality must be pursued in real time; I have a number of things to do out in the Big Blue Room, & didn’t manage to get a Pearl done before morning arrived… Here’s a pretty decent Pearl from a couple years ago, to fill in for today. It’s got some decent ranting in it, so, it should get you through your morning coffee with some dispatch. I’ll be back tomorrow, all fresh…. or, as fresh as I can make it. See y’all then; be good to each other….

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. Okay.. i’M starting with a SonG first
    that i kNow you can appreciate
    as a young lad of 16 or 17..
    Jesus F. iN Christ..
    it must then have
    been something
    to hear this
    SonG when
    iT first came
    out as @thaT age..
    i couldn’t reAlly
    fully appreciate
    it at age 7 but
    it does gRoW
    oN mE sTiLL noW..
    oKay.. i’M going uP
    to read now.. as i wanna
    be a magician too.. in some
    strange sublime ways.. too..

    whoopsie.. just realized this
    is a reblog.. so copy and paste
    over at the other original place..

    Now.. back to the top to proceed..

    WeLL.. speaKing of Lucy.. ahem..
    Lucifer as metaphor of course noW..
    the tree of Knowledge as a fear
    mongrel way of being.. not
    to disGrace any dogs
    as they are often
    more Loving
    than some
    of the human
    beings i meet
    here in New Jerusalem
    town who name themselves
    as Christians and even say
    that dance is evil.. music.. etc..
    not too many years away from
    burning Rock and Roll Labels
    and such as that.. WeLL
    yeah.. the metaphor
    of Lucifer for Bringer
    of the liGht and
    hell no.. not
    a real devil
    who fell from
    a sky to the pit
    of hell.. as that is what
    they do to out of the box
    thinkers in fundie literal
    way anyway.. as that iS in
    tHeir more conservative DNA
    to turn the Red hot Luke down
    to just warm and oh my God Bright
    as LiGhT iN dArk as FroWns of subjugating
    Illusory fears can bRinG as the beLLs tOiL
    iN heARts GRoWn to Stone from Dead
    SeaS oLd.. in materialistic ways when
    the AGRI folks first started storing
    grains with the rise
    of selfish
    greed and
    hoarding Love..
    in matters of limiting
    reproductive activities
    too.. away from a small village
    of Foragers in the hunt and gather
    of life.. when the baby rides close to
    breast during the GaThErinG of
    berries.. nuts.. and such.. and
    all semen no matter where
    that stuff comes from
    in the work of the
    niGht is
    Holy and
    Sacred as cherished
    as Life over selfish jealousy
    and greed when all is one family
    oF HUmans wHole.. what to do.. what
    to do.. insanely large human populations
    do require rules or the After math of
    Katrina the Hurricane can become
    a looting.. grain stoRing.. jealOUs
    greedy.. hoardy
    bloody violent
    way of death
    for so
    many from
    the infrastructure
    of insanely large
    human cities now..
    built in marshes
    with levies
    floods.. snow topped
    mountains.. desert sands..
    and most everywhere that
    the teaming fish of forests..
    and other forager subsistence
    of life no longer exists when
    we are functionally
    disabled as
    any animal
    at all
    long.. long.. ago…
    from what we originally
    are as even more loving
    than the Bonobo who shares
    and gives it all in a free for all of Love..
    i.. mY Friend.. WilLL DreAM oF thE liGht
    Bringer thaT sAme morning star of
    Jesus/Lucifer sAMe only iN
    different naked
    of the
    of hUman in
    Art and ReAsOn
    oNe for Aeons to coMe..
    whetHeR anYone travels
    this route of liFe wiTh me
    or Not.. Love iN Fearless
    REasonAble way…
    is possible
    when these
    liGht dreams
    of Diamonds of
    sKEyes of Nature
    GoD oNE sAmE as
    US fulfill our STiLL Evolving
    PoTential in liGht oF fearLess
    LovE noW.. anyWay thaT is a kool
    SonG that deserves juSTiCe aWay
    from scaredy cat humans who are too
    conservative in greedy.. jealous ways to
    just give and share.. and make Fearless Love
    REaL iN MoVinG.. ConnEcTinG and CreaTinG
    wayS now.. no.. hell no.. no liGht Bringers in
    Tree of KnoWLedGE joiNinG uP aT
    the root of Tree oF liFe
    as science and
    art joins oNE..
    scare me..
    iN liGht
    of Fearless
    Love For Now..;)

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