Fitted with dubious shoes at midnight….


Laughter is by definition healthy.

~~ Doris Lessing ~~

monday 006

Whew! This writing gig isn’t as easy as it looks…

Hajime….. While perusing the suggested Pearls at the bottom of yesterday’s post, I came across what is possibly the best Pearl I did in 2012…. The whole thing was, if I say so myself, well-done, succinct, and cogently written. I’m rather proud of it, having forgotten it completely, so, I intend to use parts of it shamelessly today… Since the rant section runs a bit long, we’ll go with a new, very short poem today…. We’ll begin right in the intro, which went like this….


Can you say pusillanimous? No? Nor can I….. pity…..

Now that the facts in the matter have been established beyond all doubt, we may turn to more important questions, such as why is he talking like that? Or perhaps, why DOES Murphy have to stick his big nose into my business every damn day? Now, these are meaty subjects, and well worth our undivided attention. Of course, should we provide that, I’m afraid that it may send the entire Roman and Greek pantheons into hysterics. They’re SO prudish since being de-deified….. I suppose conservatism is a natural reaction to bad news and cowardice combined; it certainly seems to be the case in this country amongst the, shall we say, non-cognoscenti…..

There, that’s out…. better out than in, I always say (just ask anybody…). I’m not going to apologize for that bit of phantasm; ’twas necessary to my health for it to come out. I will say that I hope I didn’t startle the horses, or make the babies cry; such was not, I assure you, my intent. No, sheer unbridled relief was the intent, and that has been achieved, so, what say we NOT press our luck, and go straight on into today’s dive, hmm? I think that would be best, for all concerned….. let us Pearl…

Well, I like it. In fact, we’ll take it. Onward, fellow cognoscenti….

Shall we Pearl?….

“To speak kindly does not hurt the tongue.”

~~ Gentle Bee ~~


cream 2005

Clapton, Bruce, & Baker ~ 2005

Image from via Google Images

When I went to look for music for today, I was feeling in the mood for something raucous & driving. I can’t think of a better concert for just that combination of music, with three of the legendary best musicians in all of rock & roll, coming together nearly 40 years after breaking up their original group. Enjoy, ffolkes; this concert is, literally, one of the best ever seen, or performed….


Cream Reunion 2005







    I feel like one
    Who treads alone
Some banquet-hall deserted,
    Whose lights are fled,
    Whose garlands dead,
And all but he departed.

~~ Thomas Moore — Oft in the Stilly Night ~~

As promised in the intro…. shameless…. I have altered some of the formatting to make it look better, reflecting our current look. None of the words themselves were altered, at all…. Oh, for those who wonder why the verse from Tom is above this section…. All I can say is, think about it, and, all you’ve learned here at ECR…. This piece turned out to be fairly lengthy, taken together as it was; so be it. I think it’s worth it….

From 4/12/2012:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing,
but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

~~ Matthew 7:15 ~~


     Why look! There’s one of them now!….. Gosh, if it wasn’t for Matthew, we’d have never even noticed him…… thank God! No telling how much he traumatized those sheep…. C’mon grab your rifle, we’ll take him out before he goes rabid or something….

The above short piece of conversation was not me…. would I be that sarcastic? What? Well, I resemble that remark!….. Shame on you! Pulling covers like that! How will these folks who wear blinders all the damn time ever save themselves, if they can’t even see through what a preacher tells them? I’m afraid there isn’t much hope for them…. they’re doomed to a lifetime of ignorance, and its just rewards….. ah, well, such a pity…. The rest of mankind was hoping they’d get a clue, and try to come with us down the road of reason, and on toward survival, but, I suppose that folks are entitled to their own opinions, no matter how grossly ignorant, and bigoted. Well, as long as they don’t try to drag anyone else along with them to perdition; that would be a real shame…..

“Being intelligent is not a felony.
But most societies evaluate it as at least a misdemeanor.”

~~ Robert Heinlein ~~


“If you are out of trouble, watch for danger.”

~~ Sophocles ~~

Sophocles states one of mankind’s earliest attempts to make people aware of Murphy’s law, to prepare them, as it were, to deal with its unpredictable tendency to manifest at the most inopportune times. I can personally attest to the continuing relevance of this statement in reality, having encountered such danger on numerous occasions, and always when distracted by the absence of any other problems. It’s kind of like figuring out your taxes, finding out you will get a big refund, then having the car eat a piston on the way to mail the tax return forms….

“If you rely on Murphy’s law, everything will go as planned
(but don’t count on it.)”

~~ Sullivan’s Observation ~~

I just have to say, if you will pardon my French, Murphy is an asshole. Of course, my no doubt bad habit of calling a spade a spade (even if it is obviously a shovel) is probably the main reason he bothers me so much. But, knowing that doesn’t alter his stink, nor does it give him the right to fuck with people who haven’t done a damn thing to deserve it. I think that is what annoys me so much about him; he is so damnably inefficient in his application of his power over reality. No sense to his choices at all, at times.

Oh sure, occasionally, he’ll get one right, and one of the beloved ruling class, or one of humanity’s ever-present number of true assholes will get what they so justly deserve at his hands. But, more often, it is the little guy just struggling along, trying to make his way through a life that offers no breaks, and no bonuses, who is the butt of his adolescent humor. It’s really a pain in the arse, if you know what I mean….

“This isn’t hell.
This is where you get sent when you’ve been bad in hell.”

~~ Smart Bee ~~


BRAIN, n. An apparatus with which we think what we think.  That which distinguishes the man who is content to _be_ something from the man who wishes to _do_ something.  A man of great wealth, or one who has been pitchforked into high station, has commonly such a head full of brain that his neighbors cannot keep their hats on.  In our civilization, and under our republican form of government, brain is so highly honored that it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of office.” — Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary”

Once I stopped chuckling over the wit, and then got over the sadness engendered by its truth, this little gem came directly to today’s lineup. Not because it will cause a good discussion, or even that it is either egregiously wrong, or demonstrably correct, though it is certainly the latter. No, I am impressed more by the fact that this was included in the original version of The Dictionary by Mr. Bierce, which was published sometime in the mid-nineteenth century, over 150 years ago. Truly a vision of the future, as well as a stunningly life-like representation of the present….. and well worth including here, all by its lonesome…..


“Everything I have said and done in these last years is relativism by intuition… If relativism signifies contempt for fixed categories and men who claim to be the bearers of an objective, immortal truth…  then there is nothing more relativistic than fascistic attitudes and activity… From the fact than all ideologies are of equal value, that all ideologies are mere fictions, the modern relativist infers that everybody have the right to create for himself his own ideology and to attempt to enforce it with all the energy of which he is capable.” — Benito Mussolini, _Diuturna_

As I read through this, I at first thought it was a parody, that someone was having us on, as it were. But then I realized that this person was perfectly serious, and was astonished at the arrogance, the narcissism, and the sheer unbridled effrontery of the author, if such he may be called. Then I saw the author’s name, and my mind went, “Aha! That explains it….”  It is hard to know where to begin to perform a logical critique of so much nonsense, but once begun, it practically tears itself apart, displaying the inconsistencies that are inherent in any such ambition and greed thinly disguised as logical justification.

Benito starts off by using words which, according to their definitions, do not apply to the subject at hand; he gets around this little fillip by redefining the meaning of the words, thus allowing him to use them as assumptions that justify the pseudo-logical arguments that follow. He then finishes it off with a conclusion that is a complete 180 degrees from the actual truth of his assertions, thus turning an apparent discussion of ideologies and philosophy into a stand-up comedy routine, one that isn’t funny in the slightest…… And we all know where he ended up…. swinging slowly from a rope around his obese neck (at least figuratively, if not literally), applied by his fellow countrymen in just compensation for his evil…. and regardless of his obviously insane state of mind…..




Practicing being
mindful, always present now,
we learn how to flow.

~~ gigoid ~~




Naked Pearls

Observations on Life at Large ~ Redux


“We could never learn to be brave and patient,
if there were only joy in the world.”

~~  Helen Keller ~~


“”Every great advance in natural knowledge
has involved the absolute rejection of authority.”

~~ Thomas Henry Huxley  “


“Whatever occurs from love is always beyond good and evil.”

~~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~~


“Ridicule is the best test of truth.”

~~ Lord Chesterfield ~~


“Freedom is always and exclusively
freedom for the one who thinks differently.”

~~ Rosa Luxemburg ~~


“How can you buy or sell the sky?”

~~ Chief Seattle, 1852 ~~


“It was the saying of Bion,
that though the boys throw stones at frogs in sport,
yet the frogs do not die in sport but in earnest.”

~~ Plutarch ~~


“The chief good is the suspension of the judgment,
which tranquility of mind follows like its shadow.”

~~ Diogenes Laertius — Pyrrho, xi ~~


“Chaos is but unperceived order.”

~~ attributed to Fred Hoyle ~~


Having thus completed my vow, I shall take my leave, until tomorrow, when I’ll make yet another effort at attaining some sort of literary competence… Fat chance, right? Ah, well, so be it. See y’all tomorrow, ffolkes, as long as the ol’ pump keeps pumpin’….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch

Featured Image -- 6727

À bientôt, mon cherí….


10 thoughts on “Fitted with dubious shoes at midnight….

  1. Cream? “Tales of Brave Ulysses” is one of my all time faves……Baker still alive? Him and Richards will be here after the nukes fall…..LOL

    “Rather eat than be eaten” Chuq 12:78

    “Knowledge is not given……it is earned” the Holy Chuq, “thoughts from an empty desk”

    I feel a bit better today….LOL chuq

    • LOL! They consumed so many different substances, even the atmospheric changes coming won’t bother them… They turned into lizards a long time ago…

      It’s hard to find anything Cream did that wasn’t the best of the best, at the time… and for some of it, still… The riffs Eric created for the updated White Room were incredible…

      Glad you feel better… time always helps…

      Have a good one…


  2. “To speak kindly does not hurt the tongue.”Gentle Bee ~~
    Nothing like giving someone a verbal thrashing from time to time!
    In the meantime….lets move on from Cream!
    Some blues for yee al…
    Sainkho Namtchylak – Tuva Blues via @YouTube
    Gotta keep up with the times….ole man..

    • *grin*

      Speaking gently as a matter of habit does not preclude speaking otherwise on other occasions…. which may hurt the tongue, but, is worth the pain…

      Nice voice, & great cut… Thanks. I’ll listen to more… I would point out she appears to have been around as long as Cream, so, the fact I haven’t heard of her doesn’t necessarily mean I’m behind; just subject to provincial lack of sources of international music stars… I recently discovered a Japanese rock guitarist who is fantastic, & he’s been a star for 50 years…

      I do like some of the new blues kids… the band Phish does some rather hot blues in their concert…

      Always up to learn new music…


  3. SMiLes.. my friend..
    yeS.. secret in plain
    siGht.. UniVerse moves
    iN Balance and wE
    as fractals oF
    iT.. mini-me’s
    Celebrate liFE
    best when
    iN balance
    iN aLL ways
    of dualities
    also seen throughout
    physical Nature as well..
    Anyway.. speaKinG of celebrating
    liFe.. off to dance with folks 3 decades
    my junior.. as for me.. now at least..
    age is just
    a number
    and i
    am younger
    iN SpiRit for N0W
    and groWinG EveN
    younger in SpiRit
    perhaps an
    oldest soUl as
    weLL iN preSenT oF NOW..
    hope you are feeling much
    better gigoid.. and WiLL be
    dropping by tomorrow
    full steam.. wRite on
    and SoUl
    of i as mE..
    and I as WeLL!..:)

    • Thanks, my friend… In sooth, I think I’m getting old… This lack of sleep in a straight line is always hard for me; I like my sleep. I’ll be by either tonight, or in the morning, to finish both…for now, I’m dropping cuz my eyes won’t stay up, & I want to take advantage of it…

      See you l8r, bro…



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