Winsome wiggling only on Tuesdays….


“It has been said that man is a rational animal.
All my life I have  been searching for evidence which could support this.”

~~ Bertrand Russell ~~

famine memoria

Irish Famine Victims Memorial ~ Galway

Hajime…. Fortunately for me, the process I’ve developed over the years continues to stand in good stead for my muse, who is, apparently, on sabbatical. Until she/he/it has returned, I’m on my own, a sure recipe for disaster, let me assure you. To avoid any such less than optimal outcome, I’ve put together a relatively heavy (don’t worry, heavy in weight, not intensity) Pearl, which, though it may take some time to wade through, will nonetheless provide ample food for thought, and some damn find music, if naught else. Where else could you get all that for this price, eh?

I think, before anyone actually comes up with an answer to that query, I’ll use my recently discovered brevity bone to take us out of the intro in a hurry. I’ve found that doing so will, at the very least, put a damper in any pending lawsuits; something out the air at the oyster beds keeps the process servers away…. Of course, the air there HAS been rated by government agencies as “miasma”, so, perhaps they have something about which to complain…. not that we care at all, but, it gives them something to do besides pick at each other.

Now, where was I, before I so rudely interrupted myself? Oh, right. We’re outta here…. See ya down the page ffolkes, and, I’d suggest you use the conveniently located handholds on the wall…. It’s gonna get bumpy…..

Shall we Pearl?

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult
words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”

~~ Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne ~~



Playing For Change

Today, I feel generous; hence, a double shot of love, from some of the world’s best street musicians and singers, all with one message of peace. Enjoy!….


One Love

Blues of People





Sandclock .jpg

    I’m still working on a new rant, so, bear with me, as we go with one from about two years ago, which, as with all of my rants, seems to be still valid, in all it says…. Enjoy!….

From 3/16/2014:

“…when all government… in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the centre of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.” — Thomas Jefferson, 1821

Before we begin, please read the article attached to the link below; it contains information that will be necessary to a full appreciation/understanding of the discussion to follow…..

After reading this article all the way through, I came perilously close to puking, only resisting the urge, strong as it was, because I wasn’t in a place where it would have been convenient….. However, I WAS able to determine, immediately upon completion of the article, that I would definitely be ranting on this one, for sure and for certain…. This CRIES out to discussed, and, who am I to destroy the wishes of such a plaintive, compelling cry for social justice?

Did you catch the key points in the report on these asshole bankers and their naked avarice? To me, one of the key points in the article, which shows just how ridiculous the whole thing becomes when examined in ANY light, is the sentence imposed on the banks for admitting their guilt…. Essentially, the decision says this: a) the banks were guilty of defrauding their customers (again)…. they admitted it without a qualm; b) they only have to pay back PART of what they stole by doing so, and c) they don’t have to go to jail, they get to stay in business, and keep ALL of the profits they made by this theft.

You know, it makes me wonder…. I’d wager serious money (if I could cover the bet…. I’m not a bank, and I bet with honor….)….. very serious money, that the banks, when they planned out their campaign of theft in this instance, included in their plans a certain amount of money to set aside to pay the legal fees involved in defending themselves once they got found out and sued for the fraud…. I BET they knew before they started that, eventually, the SEC and their counterparts (ie, government thieves….) in the BRC would catch them in their thievery, and take them to court, so they set aside a percentage of the profits to be made to cover that, and proceeded with the plan to steal from their customers, (i.e. US, you and me, and all the other little investors whose money they steal on a regular basis….), knowing ahead of time that they’d never do any time in jail, and could count on a certain amount of profit on the deal…

I don’t think anyone would take that bet, unless they’re stupider than they look….. Ffolkes, how much more proof is necessary? How many times do we have to let these assholes fuck everyone else in the world, and let them get away with it, before we do something about stopping it? Personally, I’ve about had it up to here (makes motion at neck…) with their sheer gall, to carry out a scheme like this, in full view of the public, knowing they’ll be able to not only get away with it without ever spending any time in jail for their crimes, but will make a decent profit by doing so…. a profit they, of course, feel is their RIGHT to make, just because they want it…..

It’s not the money…. though, of course, it would help a lot of people if it wasn’t stolen…. No, it’s the sheer effrontery, the gall, the entitlement that gives these assholes the idea they can do this with impunity that bothers me the most…. It’s the kind of thing calculated to piss me off enough to take some action, even if that action isn’t necessarily the one that will help the most…. No, I’m tempted, almost beyond control, to go buy a gun, and a LOT of bullets that go with the gun, so I could start picking off bankers, and politicians, and judges, and police officers, and all the other assholes who dump their loads of BS all over everyone else in the pursuit of their own agendas, never caring at all how many others they harm in the process…

Yep, ffolkes, the time is drawing nigh when my patience will be at an end, and I’ll actually DO something that will, if nothing else, make me feel as if I’d helped in a small way to put a stop to the bullshit going on all around us…. It may not change society, but I’ll damn sure feel a lot better, you betcha….

Bah, humbug! Writing about this has gotten me as worked up as reading the article did originally; I’m sitting here vibrating with anger at the corporate assholes who are constantly degrading life for the rest of us, and wishing there were some way to speed up the time until I can afford to buy a decent weapon (by “decent” I mean, of course, that it will do all I want it to do….)…. I have a feeling it won’t be terribly long now until that day actually arrives…. and I can’t wait, to tell the truth….

I’m too worked up to rant further about this, though I can feel a lot more inside me that needs to be released…. So, I’ll finish off with a little five-star pearl, using as a parameter the same subject upon which we’ve been gnawing…. Hey, it’s a quick, legitimate way to bring this to a dignified, if choppy, ending….. Enjoy….

— How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb? Four, one to change it and the other three to deny it. — Smart Bee

“Dealing with the government is like kicking a 300-pound sponge.” — Finagle’s Law of Government Contracting

“We are hypnotized into believing that two TV sets will make us twice as happy as one TV set.” — Laura Huxley (wife of Aldous)

“The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.” — John E.E. Dalberg, Lord Acton (1834-1902), — “The History of Freedom in Antiquity”

“I don’t want the cheese, I just want to get out of the trap.” — Spanish Proverb



Penance, Made Simple

After all the dross is sent away
a celebration can begin,
time will face up to space, to stay
willing, to shine from within.

Anger and confusion come in to share
brushing reason aside,
eager to welcome all that is fair,
alert to danger, eyes wide.

Re-gift the wicked with their own pain
stand with the just;
fail to partake of the ill-gotten gain,
living in honor, the only must.

Standing fast in the face of wrong
is its own prize and reward.
Holding on to truth makes us strong,
well worth working toward.

Little is left to chance by fate
our lessons are never free of cost.
Seldom does reality make us wait
only when alone, are we lost.

~~ gigoid ~~




    Since the beginning, I’ve known some pearls are more, well, coherent than others. This one is, in the final analysis, pretty transparent, while simultaneously exhibiting a certain dignified sobriety, which, to me, enhances the message it carries, as a whole. But, then, I created it, so, who’s to say if any of that will be so? I suppose, as always, that may be taken as part of the point of this exercise…. A clue: this is all stuff seldom considered, but, all fairly significant, in its way…. Don’t worry, you’ll see….

“And sometimes the bear eats you.” — Realist Bee

“I find television very educating.  Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” — Groucho Marx, 1890-1977

“Sleeping alone, except under doctor’s orders, does much harm. Children will  tell you how lonely it is sleeping alone. If possible you should always sleep with someone you love. You recharge your mutual batteries free of charge.” — Marlene Dietrich

“Conventional wisdom says to know your limits. To know them you must find them first. Finding your limits generally involves getting in over your head and
hoping you live long enough to benefit from the experience. That’s the fun part.” — Drew Marold

“No matter where you go, there you are.” — Buckaroo Banzai, Buckaroo Banzai – Across the 8th Dimension

“I’m the one who’s got to die when its time for me to die, so let me live  my life the way I want to.” — Jimi Hendrix

“The only people for me are the mad ones.” — Jack Kerouac

“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” — Edgar Allen Poe, from the poem “A Dream Within a Dream”

“You have taken yourself too seriously. Knock it off.” — Cheeky Bee


I’m a bit surprised to have finished this with as much aplomb as has been the case. Rather than make the seriously bad mistake of trying to explain that comment, I’ll leave you in suspense, thus obeying the old adage about leaving ’em with something to think about. I will, in spite of all attempts to stop me, or dissuade me, be back tomorrow, to do this again…. I can’t seem to stop myself….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


14 thoughts on “Winsome wiggling only on Tuesdays….

  1. Ah blues! Not much better than that. Have you seen that Iceland is sending bankers to prison…they have my vote. well past time for the US to start making these douches pay for their actions. chuq

    • I did see that, and, if it wasn’t so damn cold, would consider going there to check it out… I hears it’s nice, for about two weeks a year…. But, I’d definitely consider helping out with their hunt for bankers to toast…

      I still dream of hunting on Wall Street…

      Roberto Luti, the guy with the old steel guitar on P4C, (the one in the pic you see today), is one of the BEST guitarists I’ve ever heard, for blues, rock, jazz…. he seems to do it all effortlessly….not to mention barefoot. I’ve yet to see him in shoes…

      Have a good ‘un, amigo…


  2. SMiLes yes.. the system can really suck so bad.. almost everywhere in the world in varying amounts.. as of course we are animals for free and not slaves for purchase..
    Oh.. Money.. you green eyed black inked devil..
    Oh.. Banks.. you greedy suit tied paper dream…
    Ah.. Freedom.. not as easy as don’t
    buy anything.. but in degrees
    to get there
    aLL FreED..
    hmm.. at
    least for
    It’s kinda hilarious.. the so-called
    Bible says money is the root of all evil..
    but one of the so-called fundies greatest fear
    is the total elimination of money.. and the Unification
    of humankind in Love that of course was the dream of
    so-called Yeshua.. Jesus.. and other labeled human
    names.. for this
    overall tribal dream..
    oKay.. the fact is.. machines are
    taking over all the jobs.. as presented
    well in that video about ‘Humans Need Not Apply’..
    machines are doing all the so-called back breaking
    labor.. that most humans are totally functionally
    disabled from doing now anyway..
    ‘fat and happy’ in 4 inch
    so what next..
    swim or sink..
    or swim free again..
    i understand.. there is no
    dam way i can defeat the system..
    but i can dam sure beat it with my own self
    set free.. as the inside.. outside.. above so below
    all around movement of ONE i am continuing
    now in a dance of
    art of i
    as Life..
    the rest of it makes
    me giggle with tears for
    those fools unfortunate enough
    to ignore the truth and liGht..
    and just tears
    for those
    who have
    been censored
    in so many ways
    to figure out how to get
    back aLL free to the Call of the
    Wild of Nature God.. not unlike
    that half dog wolf that too.. once
    howled with
    others together
    free where the moon
    is Life now.. in liGht of DArk
    Feeling Wolf
    and Human
    aLive.. just LiVe
    and free to pursue
    survival.. without
    slave owners
    who will

    iN Shorts

    IT work for me..
    debt free..
    no bucks
    or banks
    at aLL..

    Anyway.. literally.. seriously..
    there will have to be a massive
    overall of the way humans do business
    with banks.. money.. health insurance..
    jobs.. and overall commerce..
    when the jobs do go away…
    and there is no one
    to buy
    to support
    the few percent
    who own all the machines
    who do the work.. unless
    they care to be
    AND that’s
    a prophecy of sorts..
    not by me.. but at the
    GROW.. iN cold heArted SpiRited
    SoUls out of mind and body Balance..
    wheRe trUly
    the Soylent
    green is
    the food
    by dead green eyes
    and stained black ink..:)

    • *grin*

      Brother, you always manage to get it in one, it seems. Your reaction to what I write takes my thought to its obvious conclusions without detours, or side-trips to confuse….

      All we can do is all we can do; the situation, as with all of it all, is self-correcting…. In the final analysis, Reality always wins.

      See ya, my friend….


  3. OIC!
    The crop failures were caused by late blight, a disease that destroys both the leaves and the edible roots, or tubers, of the potato plant. The causative agent of late blight is the water mold Phytophthora infestans.

    • Actually, the famine was all a lie; there was plenty of food. but. the English overlords had it all sent to England, leaving nothing for the Irish peasants who grew the food….The only food they had were potatoes, left for them. When the blight hit, (caused by a mold which probably grows in stagnant waters) the people were left with less than nothing….

      It is a sad tale of political genocide, ordered by the English nobility (yep, the king, and all the other assholes with titles worth shit….), & carried out by political means…

      History gets told by the ones who control the books; in England thats the king.

      If the rest of the world acknowledged any of it, revolution would have occurred in the nineteenth century…. and the world today would look much different….

      Wikipedia is NOT a good source; anyone at all can change what gets put in there…. and does.


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