Side effects of eloquence, no charge….


Really, I did make an effort to finish the currently unfinished Pearl I’ve been composing, but, the BBR kept calling me back out of my chair. Then, when I tried again this morning, SB went all wonky on me… So, here is a rather fine really old-school Pearl from the early days here at ECR. It got some decent traffic, and a pile of good comments, so, it must be worth a read…. I’ll do my best to post fresh tomorrow; in the meantime, please enjoy today’s offering (well, re-offering, I suppose), and stay strange. It’s really your best hope….

See ya soon

gigoid, the dubious



SIGH….. I know…. one look at the big sigh, and you’re all, “So, what’s his problem?”  Typical…. just kidding. No, the sigh was for real, actually. It was in reaction to a thought I often have at this moment, a thought that can determine the entire day’s direction. Of course, while I was typing, that thought went completely away, and now I’m stuck in the middle of this paragraph with no subject matter, which is about par for my course this early in the morning. How, you are asking, will he ever pull himself out of this one? Well, I’ll tell you, he has no frigging idea at this point. He’s trying hard not to panic, but I’m afraid his effort isn’t getting very far, because he’s about to FREAK OUT!  Shit! Damn it! Now I’m pissed… hold on, be right back….

As you can see, he did. Freak…

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3 thoughts on “Side effects of eloquence, no charge….

    • Thanks, milady… I saw your latest post, re: your recent absence, and appreciate you taking time to check out what I’m up to… I, too, haven’t been around much, and haven’t been reading any blogs either…. and, though this time it’s not due to fighting personal demons, I can empathize completely with what you wrote…. Just remember you’re not alone, and have a lot of folks (ffolkes, actually) who love you, and are there for you if needed… of which number I am one, for sure….

      Take care, and, feel free to email anytime you need a friend to listen….



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