Doubtful dreams, dubiously delivered….


Today, if I were posting, would mark the fourth day since last posting at all. I haven’t been around much, & actually spent one entire day without ever entering the online world. Though it’s been a good thing, overall, I do feel a bit of angst over not having gotten rid of a lot of mental dross that generally finds its way on screen, and, thankfully, out of my head. But, I still can’t seem to push out the poem that’s in there percolating, and don’t much feel like spouting off my usual blather. To let y’all know I am still alive & kicking, as well as to sublimate my need to write, here is a rather good Pearl from about a year and a half ago, with some good introspection, and a plethora of fine pearls. I hope you enjoy it, and, I hereby promise to make a strong effort to “go live” tomorrow. Until then, stay strange, and be well….

The BBR is calling, but, I’ll be back soon….

gigoid, the dubious




“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

 ~~ Anais Nin ~~

ugly beautyBeauty can be found even in ugliness…

Hajime…. I am empty of words. Those five you see in the previous sentence are the best beginning I could think to write, which goes to show just how empty I am at this moment. In spite of the unexpected sleep that I got, I’m tired, and grumpy, and just not in the mood. For anything.

Since there is nothing to say, I suppose I’ll go with the flow, and try to get a Pearl done without any sort of input from any sort of creative force. Talk about trusting the process…. Now we will see just how reliable the process has become, or, we’ll see an even greater mess than usual. The only fair way to judge it will be from the other end, so, we’ll go there…

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